Identity Theft

Identity Theft
Who Can Best Protect You and Restore Your Identity?

Can You Afford To Take Time Away From Work To Restore Your Identity?

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ID Theft Laptop

Identity Theft by Laptop It seems to me that we hear about so many occurrences of Identity Theft that I believe that many people just disregard current reports with the belief that 1) it will never happen to me  or 2) my bank will take care of it and 3) since I don’t buy anything on the internet then I am not at risk. 

Identity Theft in 2012 was for the 12th year the highest incidence of crime reported to the FTC and increasing in frequency.  Identity Theft occurs in five major areas, not just on bank instruments and credit cards. It also occurs on Social Security numbers and especially income tax filing, Medicare and medical records with your insurance ID numbers, with driver’s license numbers, with pure theft of someone’s name and identification, and on the internet by data theft. Banks do not monitor all of these numbers and possibilities so they cannot protect you for everything if that is what you believe.

Since no-one can stop identity theft the solutions are to monitor to see when it happens and to take immediate corrective actions as quickly as possible after finding that it has happened.

Who can monitor all of these possible areas for you? What kind of company and employees do you think are required to perform this kind of monitoring? Are you in a position to leave your job for several weeks or months to restore your identity in case it is stolen? Do you know who to contact to restore your identity? Will you be allowed access to data banks that contain the information which will show where your data has been compromised? Just because you may have an insurance policy to correct some of your losses, who is going to perform the restoration actions for you? Will you get reimbursed for everything including your time?

Do you think that you may be a bit naive about protecting and restoring your identity as well as the protection of your spouse and your children? Children are prime targets as their social security numbers are not used until age 18. It would benefit you greatly for you to read the next three articles to enlighten yourself as to what solutions are available for the horrendous crime that can virtually destroy your life. I urge you to read the information below and decide for yourself what is the best plan of action for you. Kroll Advisory Solutions and LegalSheild, two 40+ year old companies, provide the identity theft products below. [/color-box]


Identity Theft of Social Security Card

Identity Theft of Social Security Card


About Us

In 1972, Jules Kroll founded a company specializing in investigative and security services and risk mitigation counseling. By the 1990s, Kroll had built a reputation as Wall Street’s “private eye,” growing into a full-service global risk consulting company, adding capabilities that complemented its traditional investigative and intelligence expertise.

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Kroll Advisor Solutions

Kroll Advisor Solutions

Notable Cases

Over the past 40 years, Kroll has gained worldwide recognition for its work on many high-profile public cases.

Highlighted below are just some of our most notable cases. To access a fuller list, including the ability to filter by service area, please visit our Case Studies Library.

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Arm yourself and your family.
Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. LegalShield offers two high quality identity theft plans.

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Do you feel better informed about solutions that you can have to
protect yourself from identity theft and also to get restoration?
This is provided to inform you as well as to dispel incorrect information being disseminated. I hope for your sake that you decide to take action to protect yourselves from identity theft very soon!.

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