Legal Solutions For Everyday Life Events! #3

This is my 3rd consecutive post about everyday real life occurrences that required legal solutions!

The reality is that just as we do not know if and when we might become ill, if and when wemight become involved in an automobile accident, as well as other risk areas…we never know if and when we may need the services of a law firm having attorneys with expertise and experience in many different fields of law.   Let’s look at some more examples of how legal representation helped these individuals…

REAL Results’ Member Story of the Day – ANYWHERE in the U.S.:
David Bruerd      November 5, 2012

Anywhere in the U.S.

“We hear about frivolous lawsuits and see them on TV, but we never think they will happen to us… While in college my part-time business started booming and instead of spending all the money, I did what I thought was the responsible thing and paid off thousands of dollars in credit card debt I’d accumulated as a student. Several years later I was shocked to receive an invitation to court from one of the credit card companies. They were coming after me for a debt that I had already paid off and I needed legal representation in court. The cost of hiring an attorney could have easily been greater than the cost of the frivolous debt and representing myself was out of the question since I felt like I had no evidence from so many years prior. I thank God for my friend Dana who had already enrolled me for LegalShield. Not only was my issue resolved, but the cost of having my attorney represent me in court was 100% covered by LegalShield. I will recommend LegalShield to everyone I know!”See More

‘REAL Results’ Member Story of the Day – ANYWHERE in the U.S.:
David Bruerd       November 1, 2012

No matter where I need help

“Yay! I got to squeeze more value out of my LegalShield membership again! Like many business owners I was solicited to advertise in a fundraising print that may or may not have been a profitable business decision. Either way, if Oprah can use attorneys for contract reviews before she signs… so can I. After I requested the company t…o email me their contract, I forwarded it to LegalShield for review. After speaking with my Washington law firm, they said the contract was under Oregon jurisdiction because that’s where the ad company was located… my business attorney forwarded the docs to my Oregon law firm who was very thorough and pleasantly warned me of 3 stipulations in their contract, one of which, was a standard sentence missing from the contract that could have cost me more the original ad fee. Wow! Every business owner should have this! I didn’t get a bill, co-pay, nothing… I’m a member & my membership is current, they didn’t know my bank account balance but my attorneys treated me like Oprah and saved me from making a big mistake. Thanks again LegalShield.”See More


‘REAL Results’ Member Story of the Day – Ohh NO You Don’t:
(Illinois Provider Firm recovers $1,529.39… $0 Fee to Member )
David Bruerd November 8, 2012

Ohh NO you don’t…

“I negotiated with a creditor to pay off an old debt. Part of the negotiation was to ensure that the debt would NOT show as ‘charged off’ but instead settled on my credit report. They agreed. See More



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