Want Your Small Business To Be More Profitable Now?

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If I were to ask you what are the  most important needs of your small business?
What would you say?



My answers to this question are the following.

If you want your small business to be more profitable now consider how you can increase valuable services while decreasing costs in the important areas below.

1) The first would be your health, and that of your key employees

2) Next would be your cash flow to allow you to purchase necessities, key items, and to pay bills.

3) Next would be an attorney to help you with the startup questions, business registration, licensing and the essential legal requirements that permit you to operate

4) Next would be your facility or workplace…this could be in your home or it could be in a separate building

5) Next would be your making good business decisions as a manager and owner about how to run your business

6) Of course all of this assumes that you have valuable products and services priced fairly

7) That there is a market demand for your products and services

8) A telephone

9) A computer

10) The internet

11) A website to allow you to advertise and communicate with your customers and your suppliers.

In fact whether you are starting up a new business or managing an ongoing business, all of these solutions are essential to success.

These resources are necessary no matter whether you are starting a new business or managing your existing business. The point is that in order to survive and grow and be profitable..there are certain vital resources that are necessary for that to happen.

There are several vital resources needed that require the services of other professionals…unless you are proficient and certified as a lawyer, you are a CPA or tax accountant, you know everything about government regulations applying to small business including health care and the like,  and you are a talented internet website designer. Again, these are…

legal services by a qualified attorney     

make good decisions as an owner on every facet of business (taxes, technology, human resources, regulations that apply, and more

your own website including a domain and hosting

answers to business management questions that come up every day during business activity

Now what do you think it will cost to bring those professional skills  to your business? Hundreds or thousands of dollars? Typically attorneys charge on average about $285 per hour, cpa’s and tax accountants from $50 to $500 per hour, human resource consultants begin at $50 per hour, and internet technology consultants begin around $25 per hour.

What if I told you that  you could have all of these services for just $75 per month…available from two highly reputable firms that offer these services as a package.  And they now have more than 35,000 companies utilizing these services at from $75 to $125 per month, in businesses with up to (99) employees.

Many owners pay for the monthly service just with the (10) debt collection letters that are sent out by the attorney firm each month…$7.50 a letter is much better than $50 to $100 per letter typical charge by most legal firms. Other firms like the unlimited call-ins for legal advice. Other companies like the consulting services for any facet of their business.

You and your business can in all likelihood benefit from these Business Plans as many are doing.  The major reasons that these Business Plans work so well is because they provide significant Legal Services and Business Consulting Services for up to (50) employees at a cost ot $75 per month, and for (50) to(99) employees at a cost of $125 per month.   There is no contract for length of time to use the service as businesses recognize the value and continue the services. More than 35,000 companies are now using and benefitting from these Small Business Plans. Would you like to reduce your legal costs and professional costs to improve your profitability? To begin your membership today you only need to fill out the membership information on this site…

Thank you,

Dan Norris

US Small Businessman Of Year Award

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