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Business Strategy

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Successful business management thrives on  making good decisions consistently, no matter whether they are small or large decisions. Reasons for making good decisions result from having relavent information at the proper time, intelligent contributing employee(s), good strategies for the business, competent mentors in your key areas, and sound legal advice. Here are several topics that may be of interest and helpful to you today.

[color-box]Show Me The Money, eCommerce!

5 Money-Making Traits Every eCommerce Site Needs

Lisa Thomas
Sr. Marketing Manager, AT&T March 11, 2013

How to Get Customers to Come Back
By Donna Fuscaldo
Published April 26, 2013

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Why Women Business Owners Feel More Successful

BY  | April 6, 2012

They say men are from Mars and women… well, you know. According to a new survey, the genders’ differing natures play out in the world of entrepreneurship, too, with women feeling more confident in their success than men.

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Building Your Brand With Google+

One Does Not Simply Get To The Top Of Google

Turning Communities, Hangouts And Circles Into A Small Business AdvantageNow that Google+ has been around for a few years, the benefits have come into sharper focus.  Most notably, this rapidly-growing social network is proving to be a popular, integrated platform for small business.

Say “Cheese” With Social
How One Photography Business Is Using Social To Get Up Close and Personal
February 26, 2013
Small businesses are realizing that social media is here to stay, and they are taking notice because becoming a social brand can help drive revenue

Small Biz Success

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So think about your “Business Strategy” for your “Small Biz” over the weekend…just thinking about it will improve your plan and your execution.

Dan Norris

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