How To Succeed Rapidly In Internet Marketing
If you truly have the desire to become independently wealthy as quickly as possible then you are
absolutely ready to get on with it! And this means to succeed rapidly. None of this bit about doing
all the analytics….you are ready to make your money now. So I am putting in front of you tools that
are incredibly important to you to get your job done…so slow down a minute and take this in ok!

Renegade Network Marketer

If you are considering a new business how will you define “your success” in that business?

If marketing is required, will you use traditional marketing techniques and approaches or will you
also rely upon the Internet to be successful? Are you aware in some businesses that traditional marketing
techniques will not allow you to ever be as successful as you dream of being? Let’s assume that you have concluded that you really want to focus your marketing efforts on the Internet…as well  as using traditional marketing techniques whenever it is possible and practical to do so. For purposes of this discussion, let’s focus in Internet marketing.

How will you measure your “success” on the Internet? Will it be by gross income (total income), net income (gross income less expenses), number of new prospects, number of emails, or other measures?  That all depends on what your goals are doesn’t it?

Most people begin a business on the Internet with the goals of increasing their net income…so as to improve their lifestyle…to enjoy more pleasures and treasures in life…to have more freedom from someone issuing orders to them…working from home rather than commuting every day…having more time to spend with their families…and from an overall viewpoint…achieve financial independence. It is very important to decide before you get started so that you can measure your success versus your goals and determine how to proceed next. This means that you should have goals and a business plan if you really intend to put your time and energy into your venture.

If you are just beginning how long do you think it will take you to learn how to be effective?
How much money will you need to invest in order to be successful?

Do you know that more than 97% of Internet marketers have never been effective and give up before they ever do? Why do you think you can be different than the 97%?

What are the secrets to successful Internet marketing? Where do you think you will find these secrets? Do you believe that there are successful people marketing and making money on the Internet?

The answer is a resounding Yes…and exceptionally successful in terms of profit and abundant lifestyle.

Do you think there are successful people marketing on the Internet that are willing to share the secrets that they have learned with you? Yes, there are! And typically for a price. However, many successful Internet marketers have learned from experience that they can give away some very outstanding knowledge to help you get started and to be successful…and as a result…by helping you will gain confidence in them and pay them for services to help you become more successful. This is what we call a WIN-WIN situation for both parties…that is the experts help you to get started…teach you some outstanding secrets they have learned..and along the way as you earn income you will invest with your mentors to help you reach new and greater levels of success. It is somewhat like hiring a business coach…except the coach expects to get paid whether you are extremely successful or not…and the Internet marketing mentors earn more from you by your developing confidence in them and succeeding to the next level.

This blog begins with some of the new leading edge marketing technologies that I have learned from highly successful Internet marketers. Even after my having a BS degree in marketing and many years of both traditional and Internet marketing experience, these individuals have taught me incredible things about how to be successful in a short period of time.

For this reason I want to share some of these very effective lead edge marketing technologies with you, to help you get started rapidly and with the best marketing tools available. It is up to you to study and implement these tools…however if you are serious about being very successful then I ask that you go to the following links.Three of the most effective and powerful sources of information developed and published by Ann Sieg, highly successful network marketer,  can be found at the following links…

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing:

The Renegade Network Marketer:

The Attraction Marketers Manifesto:

I encourage you to take advantage of these excellent tools developed by Ann Sieg over many years of trial and error…and then excellent earnings following these early years of frustration. For me these documents were so exciting that I focused on them for several days in order to get Ann’s recommendations implemented as rapidly as I could. Many others have felt the same way.

Start now on The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing:

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Thank you,

Dan Norris

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