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[color-box] It seems to me that we all work better when we are happy and are having Fun! How about you? I watched the program “The Five” this afternoon on Fox News…they celebrated their 2 year anniversary…and this group of five very, very different people really enjoy expressing their honest and candid opinions about the important subjects going on in our world every day. It is really interesting to watch and listen to the diversity of views…from the totally non-biased to the prejudicial….and how from these several views I can better understand and appreciate several viewpoints on any topic of conversation…usually lasting about 5 minutes.

And this broad range of diversity with several opinions and views is what I am trying to bring to you each day. It is not that I subscribe to all of the views that I present to you…it is that by watching and listening to each I believe that you can be much better informed to decide your own opinion.

Today I am providing three YouTube videos (the first is really funny to me) plus my favorite… Ann Sieg’s presentation on “The Renegade Network Marketer”.  This is the program that I sincerely recommend to you as I am succesful with this program…I train people and our system provides much more support that you will need to be successful. Enjoy…and contact me with any questions.[/color-box]

BS Detector
AdobeSystems YouTube


Renegade Network Marketer

How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Click Here…


Learn How The Attraction Marketing Secrets Work

by James Hicks YouTube


Content Marketing World 2013
CMI42 YouTube


And if you are ready for one more great message this evening….click on this…

Have a great day!

Dan Norris

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