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Attraction Marketing Manifesto

Secrets to success in your own business, internet marketing or any other business, comes from making intelligent business decisions in all areas. In the last two years I have found two incredibly good business solutions that are second to none. The first is an internet marketing approach that applies to any business including from internet marketing to storefronts. The basic principle that makes this approach so successful is that it is based on your prospects and customers finding you as opposed to you finding them. Technology has given us communication tools and other marketing techniques that allow people to search for what they want on the internet by typing in a few keystrokes. The savvy business person now needs to find marketing mentors that can help them in learning about Attraction Marketing and how to go about it.




Ann Sieg
Renegade Marketing

I am fortunate to have found Ann Sieg whom I consider the leader in Attraction Marketing strategies and training…and she has trained some 350,000 people around the world so that they can be profitable in their businesses. There is an offer below to provide you with a free copy of Ann’s highly interesting e-book…The Attraction Marketers Manifesto! My secrets to success for those who choose to work with me also include mentoring and guiding them as to how to proceed in the study of necessary information and techniques. I have always been a do-it-yourselfer…rarely asking for any assistance…however after three months of determining my own direction…it was obvious that I needed to be a participating member of the Renegade Marketing Team…a closed group of more than 1000 professionals sharing information on how to best learn and implement Ann’s attraction marketing techniques.  As a result of my involvement with the Renegade Marketing Team I have been fortunate to receive the mentoring of a highly competent member of this team,  Edwin Cabrera, Marketing Strategies – Online Marketing Consultant

who has provided his knowledge and services to me for several weeks now..and this has been invaluable.  Also assisting me are several others who have many years of experience and expertise to help me become successful. My important point is that it is rare that you can be successful by yourself…you need the right marketing strategy, the leading key mentors, and willing and competent individuals who will share their secrets to success on an ongoing basis. If you want to begin modern-day techniques of marketing your business, increasing your customer base and increasing profits.

If you would like to build your internet marketing business with the latest marketing technologies…like “getting people to come to you rather than you sorting through them” to find warm prospects, I am really impressed with Ann Sieg’s excellent work for the last several years on Attraction Marketing!

The Attraction Marketers Manifesto…Click here now to get your free copy!

I highly recommend that you click on the link to order this e-book.  Ann’s programs are very comprehensive, professional and second to none. This is my first major secret to share with you.


My second secret for success is to introduce to you three companies having more than 90 years total of successful business history. Combined these companies serve more than 1.4 million individuals with families totaling 4 million people, and 34,000+ businesses, both small and large. These companies serve us in very critical ways by providing affordable high quality legal services for individuals and families, unique identity theft services with identity restoration by licensed investigators, and legal services and consulting services for small businesses up to (99) employees.

These companies make it possible for many people and companies to have legal services where otherwise they would not be able to afford them. Many citizens identity has been restored without those persons having to spend years and thousands of dollars to figure out how to do it, and small businesses have thrived where they could have gone out of business without the counsel given. I am very privileged to be a customer of all of these services as well as every member of my family…I consider these services to be vital to protecting anyone’s wealth, well-being and decision-making process. Even though very few in the U.S. and Canada know about these services, in the coming months and years they will become household words. For these reasons I encourage you to fill out the Video Request form on the top right of this page to find out how to save yourself some $500 to $1400 in legal costs. I think you will be very amazed at what you learn from that video. And finally, my third secret is that I am here to help you…to help you with going into business, to find the best mentors for you in different fields, and to show you business opportunities to help you achieve whatever financial goals that you may have now. I encourage you to take action now…and I will be very pleased to help you get started as well. We can begin the mentoring process now by your filling out the form below requesting a 30 Minute Consultation.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Norris

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