What is the Law of Attraction?

Are you attracted to those you love? Your partner?  Your mate?  Your children?

Are you attracted to your friends?…Your family members?…Your neighbors?

Are you attracted to your groups, schools, organizations, animals?

Are you attracted to anybody?  Are you attracted to anything?  Everybody? Everything?

The answers are obviously yes and no.

What is very obvious is that we are attracted to some people, beings, things,  and so on while not being attracted to others. And in many cases it is difficult to explain our feelings.

Yes, the Law of Attraction applies in essentially everything we do!

And another important element to recognize is that we have “relationships” with most of those to whom we are attracted. Therefore the question, does being attracted to someone or something mean that it is easier to begin a relationship with that being? It certainly seems that the answer is yes. Then reading Dale Carnegie’s great book on “How To Win Friends and Influence People” is certainly important to our development right?

So now, let’s apply the “Law of Attraction” to marketing our products and services so as to generate profit ok!

If you were marketing a product or service and If you were to try to get all of your family members, relatives, friends, email contacts, meetup contacts, and those you see in the mall… and so on to buy what you are marketing, I bet you would experience a lot of frustration. The reason is that some may not be looking to buy what you are selling! And so then you make a warm market list of all the people who you know….probably 300-500 contacts usually…and you approach them as well with your products and services…how does this work out for you? For some it could be very well however for most it becomes a very challenging investment of time…writing the list, making phone calls and making contacts with each person, meeting with them….and if you have been successful with more than 3% you are exceptional! I call this approach “harassment marketing”…taking advantage of your relationship or incidental contact with someone to ask them to do something or buy something that they do not like or have no interest.
[color-box] Now let’s try another approach called the “Law of Attraction”! For more than 100 years this phenomenon has been studied, books have been written, movies made, however it is yet to become an exact science as is mathematics, physics, chemistry and the like. What this is to me      is a nebulous concept that truly works. I look at the practicality of attraction….and that is virtually why I do everything that I do. I am attracted to this person, or this concept, or this opportunity, or this idea…you name it. Are you this way as well?    As I search for information on Attraction Marketing I find much information….particularly the movie made in 2006 called “THE SECRET” and available in full on YouTube. Personally I enjoy two more examples of Attraction Marketing…the first is a 1989 movie called “FIELD OF DREAMS” in which the concept of “build it and they will come” became a national treasure concept about baseball. I also think about Steve Jobs with Apple Computer, who I think was a genius of technology and attraction marketing. Look what he did to attract buyers who loved his products..not just a brand…but usable, friendly products, because people liked them!…and then how about the social media concept of “liking”.
[/color-box] I am beginning an in-depth study of the Law of Attraction…motivated recently by meeting a very intelligent marketing professional by the name of Ann Sieg…who is teaching me and many others her concepts of Attraction Marketing. I am intrigued as this lady with 19 years of marketing experience has now trained some 350,000 people on Attraction Marketing and is considered the industry expert on the subject by many. I am very impressed with the thoroughness of her detailed, professional, non-hype, very affordable training programs and the community of some 950 people who are proceeding through the comprehensive training programs as I am. Even with nine years of college in my early years including a degree in marketing, and many more years of real business experience across the U.S., I am excited to listen and learn from all that is being presented. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about being successful in marketing, no matter what your business or situation. This information could help make you much more successful in whatever business or opportunity you are in…and also possibly help you become a more fun person to be with as well. I think we all would like to be considered likable and attractive!

Let me introduce you to my mentor on Attraction Marketing, Ann Sieg…

Ann Sieg

Three of the most effective and powerful sources of information developed and published by Ann Sieg can be found at the following links…

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing:


The Renegade Network Marketer:


The Attraction Marketers Manifesto:


I encourage you to take advantage of these excellent tools developed by Ann over many years of trial and error…and then she achieved excellent earnings following these early years of frustration. For me these documents were so exciting that I focused on them for several days in order to get Ann’s initial recommendations implemented as rapidly as I could. Many others have felt the same way. And the learning curve goes on and on.

Start now on The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing:


Thank you,

Dan Norris

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