What are the average costs of attorney fees and lawyer fees?

Help for Difficult Financial Times

Use these resources to help you and your family cope with financial challenges. http://www.sba.gov/ This is what you pay for with your tax dollars…income tax….gas tax plus more. __________________________________________________

Average Cost of Attorneys

Being involved in a lawsuit can be very stressful, emotional, time consuming, and costly. Fortunately for attorneys and their clients, there are ways to work around these obstacles. __________________________________________________

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

Act 10 lawsuits have cost taxpayers nearly $850,000 – and the bill is climbing

By Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel Madison – Taxpayers have spent nearly $850,000 defending lawsuits over Act 10, the 2011 law that all but ended collective bargaining for most public workers. The lawsuits aren’t over yet, so the bill is sure to climb. To date, taxpayers have paid the Michael Best & Friedrich law firm $846,959 for its work defending Act 10, according to Gov. Scott Walker’s office. The firm is billing the state up to $300 per hour. __________________________________________________

Everyone deserves legal protection.

Not everyone can afford an attorney that costs an average of some $285 per hour…   many cannot afford the costs incurred in an auto accident or damage to your home by water, weather or fire. Do you have a teen-age driver in the family? Is there any possibility that you may have a lawsuit filed against you?

Consider obtaining legal protection for your entire family for about $20 per month or less. Protect yourself and your family.

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