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Bank Hack Results in Stunning $45 Million ATM Heist

By Chloe Albanesius             May 10, 2013

U.S. officials have indicted eight individuals for a massive cyber attack that allowed for a coordinated ATM heist that landed the criminals approximately $45 million in cash.

The scammers targeted banks that processed pre-paid debit cards, used a hack to erase the limit on those cards, and called on a network of criminals across the globe to withdraw millions from ATM’s in a matter of hours.

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Cyber Attack: Online Bank Heist


If someone enters a bank and hands the teller a note, demanding money, it is on the evening news. If someone does the same thing in five banks, it hits the national news. If someone does it to 400 banks online NOT A WORD. This is not a hypothesis it is a fact.
The cyber weapon used in the 400 bank robberies is called SilentBanker. Security professionals are concerned over the discovery of a banking Trojan which steals user data that impact more than 400 banks worldwide. The information that SilentBanker collects gives it the ability to reroute money to another account owned by the attackers or who they represent. This is done without the user’s knowledge until he receives his bank statement.

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Advanced Cyber Attack Tools Seen Available to Hackers

By Chris Strohm           May 08, 2013

Cyber Attack

…The advanced cyber tools that Symantec Inc. has found recently being used for attacks include large-scale data breaches that last year exposed about 93 million identities, “watering hole attacks” that target visitors to legitimate websites and the use of an estimated 3.4 million bot zombies around the world last year, according to the testimony of Cheri McGuire, Symantec’s vice president for global affairs and cyber-security policy.

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Protecting Your Identity As Cyber-Attacks Become More Frequent and Sophisticated

Ken Lin   Founder and CEO,    Posted: 11/12/2012

The South Carolina Revenue Department announced a major cyber-attack at the end of October possibly affecting 3.6 million taxpayers dating back to 1998. The state says an international hacker took unencrypted social security numbers and 387,000 credit and debit card numbers.

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This post is provided to share information on cyber attack risks to our finances, our personal identity and threaten our ability to achieve financial independence.


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