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Why Do Smart Things?

Do you ever ask yourself or your partner or even your kids (if you have any) this question?  Why do smart things?  Why not just do dumb things? Sometimes we do dumb, stupid things just for fun…which can be good and very bad. Or do you just take it for granted that everyone will do smart things without even thinking about what they are doing !   LOL….really?

You and I know better. We know that we make much better decisions when we give important decisions proper attention and do good research….and usually it is good to discuss important things with your partner or friend…and with those children that you may have…it is very likely that they will benefit from your discussion with them and sharing some wisdom and experiences with them. In many cases we hire professionals, personal coaches, attorneys, consultants, and people that we respect to help us make better decisions. Would you agree? Did you happen to watch the international tennis matches today where Roger Federer performed so well and his personal coach was in the stands?

So get to it Dan…right? What are you trying to say? Well here it is my friends!

I am in the business of helping people become more financially independent and given my sixty years of business experience I have learned a few things to share with those who will listen.  Today, I will focus on one thing to help you become more financially independent…and it will leverage everything that you do, be very inexpensive relative to even going out for pizza, and will yield tremendous benefits for your lifetime.

Let me ask you three questions ok…

1.   Do you have any valuable assets? …like a home…a car…a savings account…a retirement account…anything of any value?    (If not then you really need to)

2.   Have you ever purchased anything or sold anything that was valued at more than $1000? (If not then you really need to)

3.   Have you ever had or could you have ever benefited from the advice of an attorney? Do you know that because you hired an attorney to give you advice? Then good for you. These people work very hard to become educated in their fields and law is extremely complex! Attorneys learn things that the layman never could.

4.   Do you believe in our letigious (legally overly aggressive) society that you could need an attorney today or tomorrow…and the probability is good that you will need one within the next twelve months?  And if your response is that you can represent yourself in case anything comes up, then you can really benefit from reading this post …on the avoidance of doing stupid things…the field of law is broad…having many subfields very similar to the medical field…in my legal firm there are more than (150) well qualified attorneys with expertise in many different fields of law…at my last count there were more than (75) subfields of law.

Why do you think that very wealthy people maintain a legal firm on staff at all times to represent them? It is much more than because they want to keep what they have and get good advice on accumulating more. They want to continue to be successful and attorneys help them tremendously!

I know that it may sound ridiculous to you that having your own legal staff of attorneys for less than $20 per month is absolutely too good to be true…but it’s not! I provide legal service plan memberships for this service all across the U.S. and Canada…and if you will take 20 minutes to read why 1+ million people and 35,000+ small businesses have made smart decisions for 40+ years doing this then we can get your staff of attorneys ready to serve you within 24 hours.

I am a believer…for several years I have accessed top ranked attorneys in all fields of law with one telephone number with a response back the same day…and I paid less than $20 per month for my legal services plan membership. I would never be without this tremendously valuable access to highly qualified professional attorneys. And my friend I have been around the block a couple of times and across the country many. This one could save you a lot of heartache and money as well!

I invite you to do the smart thing! I wish I had known about this many, many years ago. How about you?

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