Warning: Identity Theft

Identity Fraud Increasing

Topic of the day: Suppose that you have just learned that someone is posing as you right now. Surprise! Surprise!

Not just at your bank with your credit card information, or with your bank accounts. The bank called you and told you that withdrawals have been made from your checking account, and unauthorized charges have been made to two of your credit cards.

You may or may not know that identity theft also occurs to your social security number, your driver’s license number,  your Medicare ID number or insurance policy numbers and your personal name…that is someone is actually impersonating you.  Now that you know this how are you going to find out if anything is going on with these three major sensitive areas for identity theft. And you are not a member of any kind of identity theft service that reports any of these issues. How will you find out or do you really care? You have the option of ignoring what is going on and just suffer the consequences whatever that may be…however, remember that your bank will only cover you up to a certain point!

Identity Theft

Well, the bank also informed you that all of your bank accounts and credit card accounts are now inactive and frozen. Your monthly paycheck was being automatically deposited to your checking account and now your cash flow is shut down as you have no alternative banking account.

So you must find a way to get money from your employer to continue your cash flow, to clear up the identity theft issues reported by your bank, for you to investigate what other damage may have been done with your social security, drivers license, medical records and personal identity, and preferably to begin dealing with a creditable identity theft organization to check all of your identification information and determine if other ID theft issues are underway. Do you think that you may need to take some time from what you normally do in order to straighten this out? How much time? How much expense? Where will you begin? Do you have access to all of the private databases?

This blog post will recommend creditable organizations that you can retain to restore your identity. The only issue with that is that since you had no identity protection before the event that the costs of correction are going to be much greater than if you had protection prior to the theft.

In this case I recommend that you obtain Identity Theft Shield with LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services…preferably much before this occurred however, in any case,  I do not know of another organization that has the capability of restoring your identity with licensed investigators, and with the option of having legal services at the same time.

 Identity Theft Guard

and I will repeat the same link

Identity Theft Guard

Dan Norris

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