Today’s Internet Marketing Strategies To Die For!

If you would like to build your internet business with the latest internet marketing strategies including proven Attraction Marketing techniques, I would like to share some very effective tools that are now available. The premises for using this approach are that it is very challenging to get physically in front of the number of people required to achieve massive sales success. Personal contact is by far the best way to achieve successful marketing results, however it dictates that you are limited by the pure numbers and time available to do so. Attraction Marketing is based on people or prospects finding you and coming to you rather than you finding them. And with the internet your prospects can search for you 24/7 with any search bar they choose. It is very natural that people use the internet for finding information and solutions to meet their needs for knowledge and to acquire goods.

If you wanted to research the topic “Law of Attraction” and the writings on this subject there has been a significant amount of information generated. In 2006 a movie was made called “The Secret” which gained a lot of attention by radio and tv hosts…and caused a good bit of discussion. I enjoyed also the “Field of Dreams” movie that was built on the premise of “build it and they will come”…which in my opinion is also an attraction marketing technique. So far there is no proven science on the law of attraction…however, may be in the future.

As a leader in the field of Attraction Marketing on the internet, I am really impressed with Ann Sieg’s excellent work for several years.  Her work has made her an earnings and technology leader in internet marketing. Ann has 19 years of direct sales, MLM and network marketing experience which have given her the insight to build a $200,000 per month income and to teach some 350,000 others how to use her strategies. I invite you to listen to Ann’s philosophy on internet marketing. Many say that she is the leader of internet attraction marketing training around the world today.

Marketing myths are analyzed in Ann’s  “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing:” You can see it here…

The reasons that I recommend that you read Ann’s work are that if you really want to be successful, this information can help you avoid severe pitfalls that can cause your business to be unsuccessful…as so many network marketing businesses have experienced.  Then read the following document which will open your eyes to today’s technology and show you why traditional marketing techniques may not get you in front of enough people for you to achieve your life’s career and personal dreams. I just read this for document for the second time…and enjoyed it more than the first time. This is an outstanding strategy manual… The Renegade Network Marketer:


More reasons that I recommend that you study Ann’s work are that you can take advantage of the time and experiences of a very experienced master of internet marketing …and learn from her mistakes and successes. You will be extremely happy that you invested good time to read all of this…it could change your entire marketing outlook for your business.

Thank you,

Dan Norris

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