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Now let’s talk about “Getting Started“…with your new business,  or with a new blog, or a new project, or a new income stream, or a new responsibility! It can be any opportunity that is waiting for you to take action and get things underway and going!. Planning is wonderful and necessary however unnecessary procrastination is costly and destructive. Do you face a situation or opportunity where you are just very afraid to take the first step or action? Is fear holding you back? Are you afraid that you will fail? Are you afraid that you will lose money? Are you afraid that you will be embarrassed by your family or friends? Ask yourself….what is holding me back? Fear is a tremendous power over positive actions!


If you do have some fears, those can be normal however not to the extent that it will stop you from getting started. To get yourself motivated and more confident to get started…think about the results that you can achieve if you proceed right now! Obviously you have envisioned some major benefits that will be very beneficial to you…is it more income? Is it being able to work from home and staying with your loved ones? Is it to pursue a dream or a career that you have dreamed about all your life? Is it to help people do something that they currently cannot do for themselves? What I am asking you to do is to put that goal on something tangible that you can see like a photograph or a piece of paper or something that will remind you of your goal every day…preferably every hour! This will keep you motivated and energized to get started. We must think of the end results in order to start the engine, get the fuel and provisions to get you on that road to successful accomplishment! We all can use motivators to get us going as well…

I would like to share three exceptional motivational authors with you that if you read their books you will be very thrilled that you did. The first is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. David Schwartz, PhD…a book that has meant so much to my life. The second is…”The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. The third is “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

[color-box]I was blessed by receiving a guest post from an associate last week. The post is very motivational to me and I think you will enjoy it as well…
Need More Business? (Guest Post by Julie Fleming)
June 14, 2013 by 

When did you last do something outside your comfort zone to grow your business? Comfortable and safe are usually not effective for creating rapid business growth. You (and your business) will grow every time you step up to a new level. But that can be nerve-wracking! New behaviors, especially those that play out in public for others to see, can be difficult. What if we fail?  What if we look stupid?  What if we really mess up? Read more:[/color-box]

I trust that you enjoyed this excellent post by Julie.

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