When Will You Get Your Real ID Theft Protection Plan?

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Victim?

Many people think that if their ID  is stolen that their banks or credit card companies will protect them. Is that you? Do they protect all of your assets?

And many people think that if they get ID Theft Protection with an insurance policy that they have nothing to be concerned about. You need to think that through. It takes much more service than an insurance policy.

And then others think…ID Theft will never happen to me…I will just take that chance that it will never happen. ID Theft happens to someone every 2 seconds now…the most prolific crime reported to the FTC for (15) years now!

If you have not chosen to protect yourself from Identity Theft consequences …Do you also choose not to insure your car…your house…your  life…why would you not insure all of your assets and your identity for all your family???

When Will You Get Your Real ID Theft Protection Plan?

The reality is that ID Theft can disrupt your total life…not only with the loss of your assets…someone using your identity to impersonate you…how do you stop the damage?

I recommend that you evaluate a company providing security services that offers what I believe is the best Identity Theft Protection anywhere.  Why?

They have licensed investigators to restore your identity. Do you think you have access to all your databases to act as an investigator? No you don’t.

Can you afford to take the time off of your business or your work to solve these issues which may take several years? Why not use licensed investigators using a Limited Power Of Attorney?

Here is where you should go to evaluate two levels of Identity Theft Protection…and when you couple your ID Theft Protection Plan with an economical Legal Services Plan you get a significant discount! I would never, never, never be without either of these plans!




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Dan Norris
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