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Define and Focus on Your Target Market!


Topic of the day!When you hear the words…Focus! Focus on Your Target Market! Do you know who really is your target market? How do you determine that? I would be very interested to hear your comments from small business owners on the subject of “How To Determine Your Target Market”…


A Snapshot of Startups in Small-Town America
BY SARAH MAX | April 12, 2013In recent months, Entrepreneur has been taking a virtual tour of cities around the country to see how the recession sparked or dampened entrepreneurial activity.
7 Sales Secrets From My Best Sales Day Ever
April 5, 2013Yesterday was our biggest course sales day ever in the history of Human Business Works, but this isn’t a post where I boast (oh, I rhymed!). These are some thoughts that you can implement to seek the same success
15 Things Overachievers Do
Penelope Trunk, Penelope Trunk’s Blog | Apr. 9, 2013, 11:43 AMSuperachievers do things differently than the rest of us. They don’t always have everything in common, but they have some underlying traits that they share. Below are a few characteristics that they are prone to have in common:
ENTREPRENEURS | 11/30/2012
The Key To Social Media Marketing? Focus, Focus, Focus
Capital One Guest, CapitalOneSpark
By Alice BrennanWhen it comes to social media marketing, small to medium-sized businesses often make the mistake of dedicating boundless resources trying to be all things to all people.
Nip Identity Theft In The Bud
Ilana Greene, ContributorThe recent surge of hacking incidents highlights how vulnerable we all are to identity theft. One way to nip identity theft in the bud is by constantly monitoring your credit report which will let you see if there has been unauthorized activity using your personal information.
Are You An Internet Dynamo Or A Dinosaur?
Jim Blasingame, Contributor Mar 26, 2013VideoSometime during the spring of 1995, you and I were given access to the Internet for the first time. Since then, related innovations have produced a new marketplace where businesses of all sizes turn prospects into customers in a virtual, parallel universe. Here is a short list of the significant innovations…

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