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Less Than 1% Know This – Join The 1%

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Why This Is Your Most Valuable Information for 2016!

Thank you for subscribing to any of my three blogs Road To Financial IndependenceThe Conservative, and American Patriots Unite. Since 2012 I have written and published more than 375 Posts to help you start and manage your business, how to improve your health and longevity, how to improve your security and identity theft protection, and how to increase your income and enjoy a five and six figure annual income in an unbelievably short period of time. There are several examples of Kangen Water Independent Distributors using this automated PowerLifePro Webinar Presentation to accomplish this in 60-90 days.
Like many of you, the last few years of  this political environment has taken away much of our life savings and our American Dream. I am determined to replace my losses and enjoy the lifestyle to which I have been accustomed. I also want to leave a legacy for my partner and my kids so that they can enjoy financial security as well. Less than 15 months ago I was introduced to incredible developments by a Japanese company called Enagic LTD. In 1974  they introduced what has become the world’s leading alkalized water (not alkaline) medical quality water devices and used them successfully in Japanese hospitals by 7,000+ doctors, thousands of their citizens, restaurants, hotels, businesses, wellness doctors, and athletes now in 67 countries.
These medical quality water devices were introduced in America in 2004 and by 2012 people like Bill Gates, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, professional athletes, trainers, chiropractors, ,and now 15,000 Americans per month are purchasing these devices for their kitchen countertops.  Everyone can afford one of these medical devices and this PowerLifePro Webinar explains how this can be done for essentially everyone willing to focus on achieving their goals.. Many are saving significant money over buying bottled water and are getting their Kangen Water medical devices paid for totally by others through referral compensation. Only owners of Kangen Water medical devices are authorized to refer these machines to anyone all over the world…and build your international organizations as well.
Due to our nature’s water quality supply decline based on our reliance on chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, and the aging of our nation’s water pipes,  all causing pollution in our water reservoirs, I believe  there will be a massive expansion of demand for high quality Kangen Water devices all over the world. As this water is produced by electrolysis to achieve it’s mountain-top like time-sensitive properties, it is not available in containers or from retail stores. Enagic LTD is the only company that manufactures these excellent machines that produce the highest quality Kangen Water.
My “personal life mission” now is to share these health and financial successes with as many people as I can around the world and to build an international network of Independent Distributors. I have written a series of posts on the Road To Financial Independence blog that present my research and efforts to prove or disprove what I thought I heard early last year. After drinking this water every day since my introduction, my arthritic pain of eight years in my knees subsided, and after completing my research I will never drink tap water or bottled water of any kind again. And Kangen Water tastes so light, so good and does not make me feel full!
Millions of people suffer from health issues that many Kangen Water users believe has helped to improve or make these issues go away. I have my own testimonials and I have heard and seen many others give their testimonials of how much better health they enjoy after drinking Kangen Water.  Many more millions are struggling to pay bills and achieve financial stability, As a result of Enagic’s unique patented referral compensation plan, I see many people now achieving financial independence where they never thought they could. As  a former financial advisor I sincerely invite you to view this PowerLifePro webinar above and make your decision to
“Change Your Water and Change Your Life” !
both health-wise and financially ..


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