Identity Theft – Not Even Chief Justice Roberts Can Escape ID Fraud

Not Even John Roberts Can Escape Credit-Card Fraud

Mar 29, 2013 1:27pm

Credit: Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle/AP Photo

t’s possible that someone in Kentucky has been buying stuff with John Roberts’s credit card.

The Supreme Court’s chief justice has been traipsing around Washington, D.C., bemoaning to metro-area counter-workers that his credit-card info has been stolen, and that he now has to use cash.

First, it was a Starbucks barista, where Roberts stopped for coffee in suburban Maryland on Tuesday, before he heard arguments on California’s Prop. 8 gay-marriage ban. Roberts typically uses a card, but a Starbucks employee told The Washington Post that Roberts, this time mentioned the apparent identity theft, after paying cash….

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If the Chief Justice Can Be an Identity Theft Victim, Is Anyone Safe?

by Matt Brownell, Mar 29th 2013 3:30PM

No one is safe from identity theft — not even John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

On the morning that the Supreme Court was scheduled to hear arguments about gay marriage, Roberts was overheard telling a barista at his local Starbucks that he would have to pay cash for his coffee, as his credit card information had been stolen. The Associated Press spoke to a Supreme Court spokesperson, who confirmed that someone got hold of one of the Chief Justice’s credit card account numbers. Apparently that meant that Roberts had to use cash while he waited for a new card from the bank.

Supreme Court Justices: They’re just like us!

Roberts isn’t the first high-profile Washington figure to become the victim of identity theft lately — earlier this month, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and the director of the FBI all had their credit reports stolen and posted to a Russian website. Celebrities including Beyonce Knowles were also affected……

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