Before you begin laughing, facts show that 10% of the wealthiest people in our country “Have A Law Firm On Retainer At All Times”. Could it be that they know something that the general population does not know? They definitely do and this is my effort to share it with you!

Would you like to be included within the list of the wealthiest 10% of the people in North America? Great! And if you wouldn’t want to be then this is not the blog post for you. Thanks for stopping by and please come back again.

Why do you think that the wealthiest 10% of our population in North America “Have A Law Firm On Retainer At All Times”?   First,  because they think like wealthy people! They want to protect what they have and accumulate more for their legacy and heirs. It is rare that you hear of very wealthy people losing their wealth unless they do stupid things. They do smart things, not stupid things, and they think smart and surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are in all important areas so that they can benefit.  These are not big secrets…these are just doing intelligent things with intelligent people to achieve very dramatic results.

And most Americans have never had the privilege of thinking like wealthy people. The only way that these individuals can get there is for someone to shock them into the reality of thinking like wealthy people do. If you would like to change your paradigm and begin thinking like the wealthy I invite you to join me.  I will introduce you to the first steps…I am offering you a great deal of terrific info here…check out my 100+ blog posts and you will find a lot of good stuff. But back to the subject…

I just finished today finalizing a book entitled “10 Reasons You Must Have A Law Firm On Retainer At All Times”.  I will publish it very soon and there will be a cost to the public to read this book. You can request a free copy and tell your friends and family about it…I will be amazed if you say you did not benefit. And I invite you to give me your sincere, honest comments.

Because you came to my website I just posted a free offer for you to read my E-Book on “10 REASONS YOU MUST HAVE A LAW FIRM ON RETAINER AT ALL TIMES…For Less Than $1 Per Day!“. If you have any interest in knowing why the wealthy rely upon lawyers to help them increase their wealth and protect their assets, I invite you to request a free copy of this E-Book in the upper right hand corner of this page. I also invite you to read the following posts of customer testimonials found at the post “Legal Issues”. This is part of your education to become one of the wealthy!

And this E-Book will tell you how you can have your own Law Firm on retainer at a very affordable cost. This book explains good reasons as to why attorneys can be so beneficial to you.

Dan Norris

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