Give yourself and your family the Identity Theft protection you deserve!

Simply put, identity theft is the use of someone’s personal information without their permission. Identity theft can be used to obtain new lines of credit, exploit existing credit cards or bank accounts, obtain a mortgage, file a fraudulent tax return, use your social security number, use your driver’s license number, use your medical records and identification, and to act and live as you by using your name and identity.

LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services, both of which are 40+ year old companies, developed a joint agreement in 2003 to market an Identity Theft Shield membership product that is considered by many as the best available product on the market. Kroll Investigative Services, having some 32 international offices around the world, employs licensed investigators who have typically been members of the FBI or CIA. The identity Theft Shield protection was developed by Kroll to fill these  kind of protection needs for Fortune 500 companies, and more than 35% of these class of companies offer this protection to their employees today on a voluntary benefit basis, More and more companies, both large and small, are realizing these are important benefits to their employees and are beginning to offer them.

These licensed investigators, using limited time power of attorneys, restore your identity with all of the proper agencies, credit bureaus, and data bases,  so that you do not have to use your personal time, money, travel expenses, emotional energy, and help you avoid filling out request forms for reimbursement as some firms do. I describe this service to be provided by professionals who know what they are doing, are well-trained and experienced, and the costs seem to be far less than competitive pricing. On a standalone basis the cost per month is $12.95 for the primary partner and supporting partner, with $1 total being added for all children with up to (4) protected at any one time. With a LegalShield Family Legal Plan at $17 or $26 per month your cost is $9.95 per month, with the $1 addition for children. You can begin your LegalShield/Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield membership immediately by going to this site…

After completing the information requested on this site within 24-36 hours you will be provided with your membership number that entitles you to full access to your identity theft services. Upon receipt of your membership number which I will provide personally to you, you may contact Kroll Investigative Services for unlimited questions and discussions. Your request will be responded to by a qualified, licensed investigator within 8 hours of your request.

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Identity theft: the fastest growing crime in America

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