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Attraction Marketing – The Lighter Side

I look for the comical side of most everything…that is the funny side…the entertaining side…the most enjoyable side. Tonight I found some comical and worthwhile videos
on YouTube. I hope that you will enjoy these with me!  And I think the last video…Elizabeth’s take on the marketing funnel is really very honest and refreshing….another point of view which is what I think we must have in order to keep our readers interested…what do you think?


How To Perform CPR ~ Attraction Marketing 101

Attraction Marketing | The Secret – The Dark Secret
Steven Krivda

funny attraction
The Difference In How People Perceive Something…

Why Board Studios?

The Marketing Funnel Sucks
Elizabeth Potts Weinstein
This is an incredibly refreshing point of view!…Dan Norris


If you are considering starting your own business, I hope that you will consider implementing a Blog as part of your marketing strategy.  There are so many advantages to having a Blog…in addition to your business website…that it would be worth your time to read the several Posts that I have written on this Blog that are under the Tab of Attraction Marketing. If you go to any Post or Page on this Blog and look at the Tabs across the top of each, you will find the Tab Attraction Marketing…just pick on that Tab and see all the Posts listed for Attraction Marketing, Blogging and Copywriting. You can select any of those Posts and read it in it’s entirety. Let me share just one major example as to why I think a Blog is so important…and that is that you can modify and add to your Blog at any time. This is a huge advantage…having an open whiteboard that you can make available to anyone that is interested in reading it.

And now I invite you to consider the Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course…click here…

And have you asked for your download yet of “The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

I hope that you have a great weekend!

Dan Norris

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