Terror Attacks on American’s Security at Boston Marathon

Terrorist Attacks

Security for you! Everywhere!

Today was so sad for the people present at the Boston Marathon. By all indications terrorists who hate our people and country apparently exploded at least two bombs in the middle of Boston today…killing 3 and injuring some 141 according to news reports. Ball bearings are being removed from victims. What cruel acts of violence by cowardly idiots on innocent people and bystanders.

To me it raises the question of Security…for our country internationally, at home nationally, and for each of us as citizens. Security means many different things to me…how about you? What steps can we take to maximize our security in all of these venues?

Internationally it means that our president, our military forces, intelligence complex, congress and senate must be wise, deliberate and non-political in protecting our country. It seems that we are facing power hungry, defiant madmen and religious fanatics in many sectors of the world. Within our own country our federal and state police, along with the heads of key federal and state departments, must be very responsible and make good decisions. It seems ironic that the federal government states that our borders have never been more secure while the governors of states experiencing unlawful immigration say that the borders have never been protected so poorly.

In a city the size of Boston, which reveres the celebration of Patriots Day annually, and the running of the Boston Marathon, the police were not able to prevent lunatics and hate mongers from plotting to kill and injure so many innocent people. What a sad commentary on the state of our nation and around the world, within the country, and within major cities like Boston and New York.

It is now May 15, 2013 and I am updating this post to reflect some of what happened since the Boston Marathon. There were two brothers responsible, one of whom is dead and the second now incarcerated. Reports indicate they were aspiring jihadists. The death and injury toll increased from the initial days reports. Each of those injured or killed in all likelihood is suffering immensely as a result of these attacks. Hospital bills..doctor bills…mental anguish…suffering…pain…loss of income…there is untold damage and hurt..  Even though there is no way that anyone can be repaid for loss of a limb or their life, my point is that terrorist attacks bring havoc and damage to the American people and whether it be by bombing or by theft, American citizens are being harmed and need protection whenever possible.

Is this the America we want? It is certainly not the America that I have known for many years. I submit that we have a responsibility to demand better than what we have…much better!  


Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


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