Let’s talk! Time is flying by!

Time can never be recaptured….most of us never

understand how important time really is to us!

So let’s talk now ok! Let’s talk about how to make your

life incredibly more successful ok! Time is flying by my friend!

You have needs, wants, goals, desire, passion for living,

willingness, and all you need is the opportunity to make

your life much more successful! I want to help you do that!

What I ask you to do is to think about what it is

that you really want in life…what it is that can make you all that

you can be…and what your commitment is to

accomplish that.  So check out my blog and you will

see my offers to you…read a couple of posts…see if

anything connects with you. If yes that is terrific!
This is a positive thinking site.Let’s find ways to make our thoughts reality!

I hope you will read my post on the “Law of Attraction”! Highly interesting!

Connect with me on www.dannorrisblog.com and maybe if you like

that then try www.dannorrisadvice.com…

and let me hear what may be of interest to you!

So if you will read my blog and for the interested view my business site then

I invite you to talk with me. Just fill out the form at the top right of this page or

you can find my contact information under the Contact tab on this page.

My goal is to plant the seeds for anyone wishing to grow a garden of financial independence

how about you? There are many paths…and the road is very promising!

Thank you,

Dan Norris


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6 Responses to Let’s talk! Time is flying by!

  1. erwalker33 says:

    Dan - Thank you for your posts. They help me as I do my posting.

  2. erwalker33 says:

    Do not know what people are afraid of when it comes to legal insurance and identity theft protection. I talk to people, pass out my business card to everyone, promote our produce on my blog, and all I get so far are good comments about what I write but no new business.

    • dannorris42 says:

      Hi Ed…I am very pleased to hear from you…not about your concerns because I am experiencing the same results….I am making money and have some (15)
      customers of Ann Sieg’s work however last week I got my first verbal comment “I will order LegalShield Plan when my migraine goes away..”..I am in Ann’s Daily Marketing Coach now and learning so much…interacting with 1000+ members of the Renegade Team on FB…the support is there…the techniques are there and are successful…
      I believe my implementation is just not appealing enough yet to attract an audience…there is definitely something to be learned yet..and I plan to get to the
      bottom of it…what is your Blog name…sure would like to see it if you don’t mind…and to talk as well Best Wishes…Dan 407-749-9395

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