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ID Theft: Restoration is key solution now…28 million of 290 million social security numbers violated!

Just released is a video by Fox News that nails the ID Theft situation! You will need to pick on the link below  in order to watch the video. Listen to what this expert says about restoration, how many people have their social security numbers compromised…1 in 7….and the government will not tell you about this.. so you must find out about your identity status for yourself…this means you must be proactive in the protection of your identity.


The following is excellent journalistic reporting by Michael Isikoff of NBC:   View the video by picking on the link…

One email exposes millions of people to data theft in South Carolina cyberattack

  • If your identity is stolen and restoration is the only acceptable solution for you…which it probably is…who will do the restoration work? Must you do the many hours of work over unknown geography and with many parties or would you prefer that licensed investigators take on your case working with attorneys and do the work for you? If you choose the licensed investigator approach, you can continue your lifestyle and work without interruption while professionals solve the issues on your behalf. Otherwise you may be signing up for thousands of hours of restoration work yourself, hopefully to be reimbursed.


Do you have the time, money, licenses, access to personal data, and knowledge to perform your own investigations in case your identity theft is violated? Many plans require that you do the investigation work as compared to these plans that provide licensed investigators with legal power of attorneys. Think about these differences before you buy based on advertising. For discussion and recommendations as to how to reduce your risks of Identity Theft, please email me on or call me in 407-749-9395.

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