For Deanna Evertt – A Letter of Appreciation and Recommendation!

My topic today is a testimonial…For Deanna Evertt

This is “A Letter of Appreciation and Recommendation”!

Deanna lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is a very experienced professional in the graphic design, advertising, copy, marketing publishing industry. Deanna is an active member of the Daily Marketing Coach organized by Ann Sieg, industry leader for Attraction Marketing including the Renegade Marketing Team and The Inner Circle.

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Deanna Evertt

My reasons for giving this testimonial are directly related to a recent professional introduction to Deanna at the private Daily Marketing Coach Facebook Page. The scenario goes like this…Edwin Cabrera, also of the Daily Marketing Coach…and a personal mentor to me on my marketing system…recommended that I write a book on one of my key projects on which I have a great deal of passion. I began writing the book and designed the cover given the tools and experience I have as a early career mechanical designer. Enter Deanna Evertt…who saw my book cover design on The Daily Marketing Coach. For many years Deanna has designed book covers and book content for many brick and mortar companies. She is exceptionally talented in “book cover design” and all aspects of publishing a new book.

After seeing my initial book cover design on the DMC FB Page, Deanna contacted me proposing that we work together on the book project and that she would design a new book cover and help me to format the interior copy of the book to prepare it for the publishing process. We reached a working agreement at that time and in my enthusiasm I expected to complete and have the book published within two weeks. I had elected to self publish the book using Amazon and their self-publishing company CreateSpace. I had never written a book before, much less published one, so you can imagine how challenging this exercise turned out to be.

After completing the book and cover design for the first time and having it ready for submission to Amazon/CreateSpace for publishing, the approvals for some aspects of the book did not come through and as a result the book needed to be rewritten. I live in Orlando, Florida and Deanna lives in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, and my mentor Edwin Cabrera lives in Manassas, Virginia. Even though the significant geographic separation of each of us we were able to jointly collaborate on the design of the book. I rewrote the book, Edwin gave his editor approval comments, and Deanna redesigned the cover as well as formatted, proofed and contributed to the interior pages…and within three weeks  the book has now been published for international distribution on 7/20/2013… on both CreateSpace which publishes paperback versions and Amazon Kindle KDP which provides the electronic E-Book versions. Interestingly there are different database criteria for each of these publications

I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Deanna and Edwin for their major contributions on the creation, design and publication of my first book! This recommendation is intended to inform those interested in book design and publication that I highly recommend Deanna Evertt for any book that you may consider! She is highly professional, competent and talented. I will call upon her for any future book that I write and publish.

Further, Edwin Cabrera has been so very instrumental in guiding me up the ladder of personal development as a Marketing Trainer…and I am grateful to him as well!

Thank you very much Deanna!!!                     And Edwin!!!

They both received credit in the book foreword. And by the way, this book shares

Legal Plans

information for virtually everyone on how to save major dollars on legal services!

Dan Norris

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