Discover The Secret World of Economical Legal Advice

The topic of this post is “Discover The Secret World of Economical Legal Advice”.

On July 20th, 2013, I published on a Paperback version and an EBook version on  KDP Kindle Select the first of a series of books on the subject of creating, protecting and achieving financial independence. The series will include practical advice and experiences in a number of different fields relating to law, finances, wealth creation and protection, risk management, and marketing and sales.

The book is available internationally with a U.S. price of $8.54 for the EBook version ($0.00 on Kindle) and $8.99 for the Paperback version. Country currency prices are available from Amazon.

The Law
Legal Plans

The author has had extensive experience with retaining attorneys over a long time period and has elected to share some of those experiences with you to benefit you.

The first book is self-published through Amazon in both E-book and
paperback versions.  Adhering to the terms and conditions agreed to with Amazon and Amazon KDP Kindle Select, they have exclusive rights to distribution and at this time there will be no free copies distributed.

The author’s background can be viewed at the “About Dan” Page on his Blog at

The author believes that this book provides value to many individuals
as it is based on more than 50 years of adult experiences, living in more than 30 cities,
owning more than 17 homes, and starting my working career in a retail store
and becoming an executive in five professional fields including administration, chemical analysis, mechanical design, engineering services, computer aided design system management, regional sales management, corporate sales management and support organizations, sales executive at v.p. level for five start-up companies, personal and small business financial advisor, and CEO of several start-up businesses. The financial advisor practice was as a personal and small business financial advisor employed with a Fortune 10 company. Since then there is much more.

I believe that the value one can gain from this book is on how to save money and avoid expenses, how to protect your assets, how to increase your security, how to  make better decisions, and how to more effectively grow your assets and your business. I sincerely invite you to read and enjoy this book.

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