Common Sense for Common Folks! Speaking up.

I decided to repost this article after seeing this morning that the White House refused the Republican proposal solution offered yesterday for avoiding going over the cliff. This was a proposal with more than 2 Trillions of dollars of savings for the American Taxpayers. It is very obvious with the president’s insistence upon a tax increase for anyone over $250k gross earnings that he is not interested in improving the economy at all. His strategy is to try to drive a stake through the heart of any opposition…given the strength of his 51% election win…which certainly does not constitute a mandate.

The newly elected president is on our country’s airplane virtually every day spending thousands and millions of dollars to promote an agenda that is totally different from my agenda…and maybe yours?. So I believe he is wasting my taxpayers money! Many voters in the last election that elected this president are not informed enough to understand where he is trying to take this country.  They will someday…and hopefully in the near future someone will have stopped Obama’s agenda and corrected the direction of this country! The way that the financial management of the country is going now it is doubtful that the liberals want to do anything other than increase spending and raise taxes on the rich…while blaming the Republicans for reducing government size and stopping tax increases.  The Democratic Party is overcome with power, shows no interests in the citizens of the U.S…and have convinced the uninformed that they are helping them. How destructive is this?  What an awful form of government! Do you have any of these concerns? When will the uninformed minorities awaken to the real truths? How do you like your unemployment rates….the business regulation slowing growth…tax increases in the healthcare bill and otherwise…decreasing approvals of oil and gas production…increasing your energy prices…paying your citizens to do nothing and destroying their will to work…promoting big labor’s control over jobs and companies. Will you sleep forever or wake up and do something for your cause?

So in today’s world how do you think you are doing?

Are you better off, about the same, or not good at all?

Do you like what you are going through with this country now?

Sorry, but I don’t! I feel as if the politicians, especially this newly elected president is way off base from where I think this country should be going.

Personally, I think the country should be cutting back on expenses, like I have to do to make ends meet. This president will not even discuss cutting any expenses…all he insists on doing is raising taxes on the rich…which would provide enough money for less than 30 days of running the government…think about the fact that what he wants will run this government for 30 days…he is using techniques that bring incompetents to his way of thinking…are there any thinking people left in America? This man is intent upon taking this country to where we are in worse shape than Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Cuba, Venezuela and many other countries. The majority of the voters that put this president in office in 2012 never saw the movie called…2016 Obama’s America. If they had…and they were conscious human beings…they would have dumped him…and many, many  Americans do not even know who is vice president …much less being conscious about the issues facing the country…what a sad state of affairs.

I strongly support conservative representation in the Congress and the Senate to reduce our government size and spending, to resist any increase in taxes, and to find ways to balance the budget as soon as possible! Obama seems to prefer the  opposite and plays the schoolyard political game of going to the dumbed down masses. The dumbed masses do not see that he will destroy them in a few years as the Democrats have done to the minorities since 1960… and they may never recover. The blacks, latinos, minority women, and labor just continue to vote for the racists agenda and integrity destruction campaigns of the opposition supported by the liberals.

I am a voting victim of the uninformed, unqualified to rationally think and vote American population! And I terribly resent this position. Just because more people can be won through hate-mongering and race-baiting and minority-pandering..does not mean you are a better choice to lead a country that once was the leader of the free world. This man who has been elected to the leadership of the most powerful country of the world does not choose to be a leader of the political parties and negotiate meaningful solutions for you and me as citizens. It seems that he insists on functioning like a community organizer…and he spends millions of tax payer dollars every day with an airplane and unlimited expensive security services  promoting an agenda that is destructive to this country.

I am so adamantly opposed to the leadership..that only was elected with the strategy of destroying the credibility of his worthy opponent…as he has done 3 times now…for his senate seat in Illinois, with Hillary and now Mitt…and we know that the greedy and uninformed want their stuff….and always will…we must say to them…you have no right to my wallet…get a job…go to work…get off of the dole…quit the unemployment lines…and the disability lines…the list of government doles is sickening. How long do these people believe they can live from someone else’s pocketbook. Mr. President. Sir I submit that you are a very wrong in trying to destroy a very wonderful country. Please stop!!!

If you would like to share with me your opinions I would welcome them…

Thank you,

Dan Norris

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