Would You Like 7 Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle?

Thanks very much for visiting my Blog! My goals on this blog are to provide you 7 ways to improve your lifestyle and     include 1) making money, 2) starting your own profitable business from home, 3) protecting yourself and your family with affordable legal counsel by highly qualified attorneys, 4) making you and your family more secure from identity theft as well as providing unique restoration by licensed investigators, 5) working with groups and organizations to provide these same services,  6) to provide legal counsel and growth consulting tools for small businesses and 7) to share with you some exciting and proven ways to get tons more traffic to your internet site and help you to join the 3% that are making money on the internet and to do so with whatever business you are working!

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These are all very valuable and meaningful services…and in addition to improving your lifestyle, you can also choose to start your own business and market some or all of these same services…so that they can help you to develop a lifestyle that provides you with significant income, freedom and time to enjoy whatever you would like to do with your family and friends!

If you enjoy this useful set of information, and take action where it makes sense for you, then you have come to the right place. I am looking to talk with the thinking population of the U.S. about some very important subjects. I am looking to develop dialogue with  responsible citizens of this country who are serious about improving their lifestyle in many ways..those who want to do well…be very successful…and are willing to invest their time and energy in committing themselves to an intelligent set of personal goals and objectives.

I am blessed with some 50+ years of serious business experience…including GE for 18 years, 5 startup high technology companies for 20 years…going into most every major corporate office in the U.S….an award winning financial advisor for American Express/Ameriprise Financial for 12 years and a President’s Award Winner for 5 of those years…then starting up personally some 4 small companies…and now just a simple and happy entrepeneur that has experienced more business activities than many individuals in the U.S. I also feel very privileged to speak to high school students about their future careers.

So, visit with me often, call me, write me a comment, and especially take advantage of these valuable opportunities. You may be very pleased that you did! It takes considerable knowledge, skills and working relationships for success. Here is a great venue for you to enjoy and share your thoughts with many people who share your same goals in life!

This site is here to give you or someone you know that wants to do something about their current lifestyle… some very valuable information that someone should take action on for their own benefit…I hope that you enjoy what you read here, take action when it is in your best interests…and I wish you every success and happiness! So check out the list of posts now and get started on the subject that interests you most!

Thank you,

Dan Norris

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