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If you are as passionate about becoming financially independent as I am then you have decided that you want financial independence and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it!

This means that you have made the decision to achieve financial independence, signed up with a commitment, and the rest comes with time and determination to accomplish your goal.

If you read my six tests for you on my first page,you then listened to Brian Tracy share the Four D’s for financial independence, and you truly listened to Jim Rohn about avoiding the influence of all those who will tell you that you will never make it…then you have made major headway towards your financial independence goal.

What is in it for you if you decide to proceed now and you see value in “why work with me”.

Let me share some of the reasons for you to consider “why work with me”..

Could Any of These Solutions Benefit You?

Are any of these topics of real importance to you?

The 50+ Blog Posts on this Blog could be very beneficial for you…

1. Would you like to achieve financial independence?

2. Do you want to earn more income?

3. Do you want to be employed?

4. Do you want to be employed by starting your own business?

5. Do you want to protect you and your family from legal risks?

6. Do you want to protect you and your family from identity theft?

7. Do you want to protect your small business and aid it to grow?

8. Do you want more customers for your small business?

9. Do you want more traffic on your website?

10. Do you want to know more about the value of Attraction Marketing and how to go about it?

11. Do you want to know more about value of Blogging and how to go about it?

One can invest a lifetime developing “experience”…it takes time and energy. My experience includes more than 30 years of sales of all types, corporate, middle and start-up company management, mechanical design, financial planning for individual and small businesses, internet marketing, blogging, company startups, fund-raising, teaching, training and more, I offer to you this successful knowledge developed with these many years of experience in many different fields and professions.

My initial offer to you is to have a free consultation with you about your goals, your dreams, your plans, and your background. Once I understand this information, I will offer you recommended approaches that are intended to move you forward towards a goal of financial independence. You may be just beginning and wonder where to start, or you could be in the middle of a network marketing career and are very discouraged about your success now, or you may be very successful and are looking for recommendations on how to select a very effective financial advisor to help you manage and protect your wealth. In any situation, I will provide you with a free consultation to get started so that you will be much better equipped to reach your goals. And from this discussion we both can decide if we would like to be a team member.

I will expose you to information and people who are invaluable.

I will show you how to stay determined and committed.

I will place in front of you proven financial vehicles and business opportunities that permit you to become financially independent.

I will provide you with timely information, materials and tools to provide a superhighway that you can navigate successfully at a high rate of speed. You may have already found the income vehicle that you are convinced will make you very wealthy and that is fine. My offer is to give you a second opinion, an option to develop a Plan B on a full or part-time basis. Wealth creation is accomplished very effectively by multiple streams of income generation and this is what I propose. I am not asking that you change your life or career…only that you consider additional options that can help you improve your financial situation. I suggest that ambitious individuals define their dreams and take steps to pursue them or they will forever have mediocre lives and lifestyles.

Your investment required will be minimum to get the job done.

Whatever your decision you will be the owner of your own destiny and I will be available for support.

Can you really envision a lifestyle of unlimited income, time to spend however you choose, and freedom to enjoy any activity or event that you choose…and especially to work out of your home with maximum time to enjoy your family or friends.? This is the goal that I have…and I hope that you will decide to join me.

Just complete the form at top right of the page and I will be in touch with you promptly to discuss your goals and how to get started.

Thank you,

Dan Norris