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Dan On Daytona Beach

Dan On Daytona Beach


Why Work With Dan

I appreciate the opportunity to invite you to work with me. Why would you want to do that? First let me share with you that I am so concerned about the financial welfare of so many people everywhere right now! So many of us have experienced financial setbacks with our careers, homes, wealth and retirement investments… that it is necessary to be very, very optimistic to have hope that each one of us can recover from this recession…and to create a position of financial stability and growth again.  I understand what you may be going through and I am very confident that opportunities and solutions exist for those who are willing to work smart and take advantage of the many resources that can help you do this!

Now let’s talk about why and how I feel uniquely qualified to help you accomplish this.  My primary goals are to help anyone interested in establishing their personal security, showing them how to create and manage considerable wealth, and to develop a legacy of prosperity for your family including your children and grandchildren. Sounds like a dream right? Well that is where it begins…you need a dream that you and your partner want to accomplish and believe in so that you can focus on investing your efforts to make your dream become a reality.

As qualifications I have 50+ years of  solid business experience beginning with my first career with General Electric in engineering and marketing assignments, my second career as a sales executive across the U.S. with five startup high technology companies where each grew from $0 in sales to near $50 million in sales,  and then my third major career with American Express Financial Advisors and Ameriprise Financial Advisors as a personal financial advisor for individuals, families and small businesses.

In the career with American Express after completing years of training I provided personal financial advice on cash flow, debt resolution, cash reserve, investment strategy for all types of investments including stocks, bonds mutual funds and annuities, diversification strategies to maximize gain and minimize risk, as well as providing all of the risk management tools for individuals including the several types of life insurance, disability income, home owners, liability, and long term care insurances.

American Express/Ameriprise Financial are considered to be leading financial advisory firms in the U.S..  In my position as personal financial advisor I was awarded (7) annual Presidential Awards for the best in Quality of Advice for my clients…an award where only some 3% of all 10,000 advisors enjoy this honor each year. I built my financial advisory practice from zero clients to 250+ clients via the telephone and referrals. I was considered to be extremely professional by my clients. In 2004 I was chosen as one of the Outstanding Small Businessmen in the U.S. and enjoyed three days in Washington dining with the President and Members of Congress. As extra activities I sponsored a charity golf tournament for five years for young people’s scholarships as a local member of Optimist International. I also served as the Foundation Chairperson for the North Florida District Optimists with some 2000 members.  I am a Christian with strong faith ties to multiple churches and faiths. I am fortunate that my son Mike, my daughter Joy and my sister Cherryl all live in the Orlando area.

In October of 2011 I joined as an independent associate an outstanding set of companies led by LegalShield with more than 40 years of successful business history, serving markets with products and services that are truly in need. In June of 2011, MidOcean Partners, an equity investment firm focused on growing midsize companies, purchased this successful company for $650 million. There is only 3% market penetration in the U.S. for their products and services and the products are priced very attractively. I am confident that this company has an excellent opportunity for growth and my benefitting from that growth. I am very active with this business opportunity with both direct sales and network marketing sales. This is a direct sales company, not an MLM company. I ventured into MLM in 1992 and over several years found that this  career path was not opportunistic nor stable enough for me.

In October of 2012 I was very pleased to find Ann Sieg and her very successful work in Attraction Marketing. Being a marketing major and graduate in marketing and management at Georgia State University I was intrigued with the approaches and success that Ann had accomplished in the last several years. Of course in studying Anne’s work I learned of Ty Tribble’s leadership position in blogging. These topics, along with the power of the Law of Attraction, I believe will provide the successful marketing strategies for the internet marketeer for many years. With over 50 million people now attempting to create profitable businesses on the internet, the use of successful marketing strategies and approaches will be essential  to be included in the 5% that are successful now. I am extremely impressed with the thoroughness of Ann Sieg’s professional approach, her peers including Ty Tribble and others, and especially the access to a team of more than 1000 professional individuals  at all stages of proficiency… all ramping up and learning this Attraction Marketing  process. The depth and thoroughness of Ann’s training programs are unmatched anywhere in industry to my knowledge.

In summary, I can offer to you as a partner, experience, wisdom, knowledge, proven marketing tools and approaches, and proven products and services with excellent compensation plans…and all this to assist you along your path of personal security, wealth creation and management and long-term financial independence. I ask that you work with me by first requesting the free video at the top right of this page. The free video will provide you with information that can help you in many ways, save you a great deal of money and provide you with much needed legal documents that 7 of 10 Americans do not have in place.

By requesting the video, you are saying to yourself and to me…perhaps I can benefit from some or all of what Dan is proposing…however you will never know unless you fill out that form above.

I commend you for listening to or reading this message…and I look forward to receiving your video request very soon. I very much look forward to personally working with you!

Thank you,

Dan Norris[/color-box]