Why Kangen Water – Dr. Peggy Parker – Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Peggy Parker is considered an expert in her field of ionized water and especially for Kangen Water. I appreciate the privilege of featuring Dr. Parker in this 14th Post in the Health Category of my Blog titled “Road To Financial Independence”. Many thanks to Dr. Parker for allowing me to share some of her knowledge on this vital topic of “water” and how important it is to us.

Why Kangen Water – Dr. Peggy Parker

Dr. Peggy Parker, Naturopathic Physician and expert on “Why Kangen Water“, resides in Spokane, Washington.

After years of clinical research, Dr. Parker made an amazing discovery that explains the root cause of most modern illness . . . a discovery that points directly down the path to healing and optimal health.

Dr. Parker discovered that by correcting oxidation of the cell membrane with high-quality ionized water; the healing power of the cell becomes activated. This profound discovery “will change the face of medicine”.

You can read about her professional background and training at Dr. Peggy Parker . Here you can find several tabs including History, Water, Media, Q and A, and Blog.

She has written (12+) Books that are available on Amazon at Books by Books Dr. Peggy Parker. These books cover a wide range of topics from Ionized Water Protocols, Your Home, A Chemical Free Sanctuary, Are You Confused? The Real Story About Oxidation and Antioxidants, Turning Back The Hands of Time, and more.

If you will perform a Google Search on “Dr. Peggy Parker” you will find more than (10) Google Pages of Links on which Dr. Parker is featured. You can perform a similar search on virtually any related topic.

The Surprising Connection Between Oxidation, Inflammation, Dehuydration & Aging

I find that Dr. Parker (and several more medical professionals that I have written about) are experts in the field of Ionized, Alkalyzed, Restructured, Microbial, Antioxidant Water…including as well as knowledge of the many suppliers in this field. In the last (24) months in the U.S. I have personally interviewed (43+) medical professionals asking for medical recommendations for use about ionized waters. Of these, less than (10) were familiar with alkaLine or alkaLized water (alkaline is made with chemicals and alkalized is made with electrolysis) however none gave me recommendations on the overall subject. These responses motivated me to continue my own research on the topic and this Post #14 under the Health Category.

What do you think your doctor would say if you ask them if it were healthy or harmful for you to drink any kind of soda, energy drink, alcoholic beverage, coffee, tap water, bottled water, reverse osmosis water, alkaline or alkalized water, antioxidant water, restructured water and more? Please watch one of my demonstrations to answer this question for yourself.

Do you currently understand the value of different pH (potential Hydrogen) values ?  Acid liquids and foods versus Alkaline liquids and foods? Hydrating? Microbializing? Antioxidizing? Free Radical action benefits? Did you know the difference between Alkaline (by chemicals) and Alkalyzed (by electrolysis)? Do you know about these distinctions and properties? Do you think you may benefit by studying these topics?

I trust that you consider that you have or will benefit from this information now or in the future. If you have not discovered it yet water makes up 60% to 75% of our overall bodies and all water is not the same…some water is very good for our bodies and some water is very poisonous to our bodies.




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Thank you for reading and I sincerely look forward to answering any questions that you may have. Are you ready to begin your (21) Day Free Kangen Water Trial that refreshes your water supply every 60-72 hours?

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