Today’s Entrepeneur – An Excellent Compensation Plan

As many entrepreneurs begin their entry into the world of “working from home” and “starting their own businesses”, thoughts about their products and services compensation plan is not a major consideration. This can be a major pitfall for many…that is…understanding their compensation plan and how it works. Most in the working world are accustomed to salaries, or hourly compensation, or salary plus commission with bonuses.  Beware, the compensation plans of many business opportunities are not very easy to understand, and many have awakened 2-3 years later after investing a lot of time and money. to learn some very disheartening financial situations. A word to the wise is that it is very important to understand your compensation plan…is it designed to provide an equal income opportunity for everyone or just for a limited number at certain levels in the organization…and is the situation time sensitive…must you be there to begin with to be successful? If so, what about the people who you bring in later when the comp is not so good….will they stick around?

I very much like the compensation plan of LegalShield. So does Robert Kiyosaki as he has made strong positive comments about it. Many, many others love this compensation plan as it offers an incredible opportunity to achieve financial independence, not overnight, but with much work and much effort it is highly probable. This company is a direct sales company with a network marketing component. It is not an MLM company. The graphic structure of our company is shown below…just like any business or family or government organization. With our compensation plan some earn large six figure incomes just selling our product while others build geometrically with their organizations…and most do both. Further, there is a strong residual component that belongs to you only, and ongoing income streams can be willed two generations deep in your family…that is to your grandchildren. And there are three additional ways to earn income based on performance. And you can begin this part-time or full-time.

As you consider how you are going to achieve financial independence with whatever opportunity you choose you will be very smart to completely understand and know the strengths and weaknesses of the compensation plan that will be yours. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this key aspect of building your own business.

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