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Have you considered what you would do if you had awakened this morning to find that your identity had been stolen?  Where would you begin to solve the issues?

Would you prefer to have a licensed investigator and attorney to call and report your disappointing news to them?

Unfortunately, some 30,000 citizens found themselves to be new identity theft victims this morning…likely totaling nearly 11 million victims in the U.S. this year. ID theft crime has now for 12 years been the leading consumer complaint crime and costs exceed that of the illegal drug industry. It is much more lucrative than drugs as conviction rates are about 5% and bodily and legal risks are much lower.

Equally as important in these days and times are legal issues, either trivial or traumatic. With the economy crawling along many individuals are in need of much more legal advice and protection for their families.  A large number of lawsuits will be filed this year in state courts throughout the land. Over 15 million. That works out to one new lawsuit every two seconds and some 41,000 per day for 365 day…. Or one lawsuit for every 12 adults in America. This is truly a large number of lawsuits. Many Americans and Canadians need good legal advice on their mortgages, debts, or on a purchase or sale of a home, car or other major item having warranty.  In many cases there are documents to be read and reviewed before signing. Traffic violations occur, The IRS wants to review past income tax returns. Many civil suits are filed in the hopes of receiving large lump sum payments.  Unbelievably, 7 of 10 U.S. citizens pass away in the U.S without a will, living will and health care power of attorney documents.  Divorces, bankruptcies, garnishments and child custody issues are very common. The list of legal matters is virtually endless.

This is probably why more than 94% of the world’s attorneys reside in the U.S. and we only have 7% of the population…reportedly.  Any number of trivial or traumatic events can happen at any time, usually without notice.  As normal human beings we can really use the services of a trusted,  affordable attorney 2-6 times per year. We just do not call on them many times because we want to avoid the expense, the hassle, the risk of choosing the right attorney for the issue, feeling intimidated by the process, so we just go on without good legal advice. This may not be in our best interests. My research indicates that we Americans need legal plans and ID theft shields and real identity restoration by licensed investigators more frequently than we use automobile insurance, health insurance, and homeowner’s insurance. We are in a very letigious society and it is becoming more so every day. As responsible adults I encourage you to consider these risks, request the information available below, and take the actions that you think are best for you and your loved ones.

Many millions of Americans now have these legal issues, and due to typically unaffordable costs, not knowing a qualified attorney to deal with your issues, or not knowing what to do next, they just do nothing. It is my intention to make you aware of solutions to solve these issues, at costs that you can afford, and to give you options of what to do next.

Could this be helpful to you? LegalShield has done this for 40+ years with highly qualified attorneys at costs that you can afford. And by the way, if you have a small business with less than (99) employees, LegalShield offers very affordable small business legal and consulting plans for $75 and $125 per month. LegalShield offers across the U.S. and Canada qualified legal plan services for individuals and families at very reasonable costs, for under $20 per month.   A legal plan and an identity theft plan are also available for less than $1 per day.

Other inclusions by the Provider Attorney Firm are unlimited legal advice from 9-5 each weekday and 24/7 coverage for emergency issues. Your membership card provides you with 24/7 coverage to assure your Miranda Rights with a live attorney. And these are a beginning to the services that provide some 80% of the legal services that you need. For the remainder the Provider Attorney firm offers their services at a 25% discount. You can begin these services immediately by filling out the information at the following website…    

LegalShield Legal Plans

After completing the information requested on this site within 24-36 hours you will be provided with your membership number that entitles you to full access to all legal services. Upon receipt of your membership number which I will provide personally to you, you may contact the legal firm for unlimited questions and discussions. Your request will be responded to by a qualified, trusted attorney within 8 hours of your request. The company is well-respected by the Attorney Generals of states in the U.S. and the Better Business Bureau, having served some 4 million people now for over 40 years.

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Identity Theft Can Bring Your Life to a screeching halt!

Identity Theft-It could happen to you!

What would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning and learned that your identity had been stolen, your bank accounts had a zero balance, your credit rating  is at zero, and someone else has received the refund on your IRS tax filing for 2011 ?. . Also, now consider that your two children’s social security numbers are in use by someone else and have been for years. How much would this upset you?….Especially if you had known that you had a way to get notification on this and take actions to prevent much of this plus more damage to your future lifestyles? This post is written for the purpose of informing  you of the potential awesome consequences of identity theft as well as what you can do to avoid or repair most of the consequences. Authorities say that there is no way to stop the acts of identity theft…you can monitor for occurrences and take actions once it occurs. Thus the huge question is how long before you know and what can you do to repair the damage. Hopefully none of this ever happens to you…however these events are occurring every day to 25,000 to 30,000 citizens in the U.S.!  Does this information provoke you to stop and think about the question…”Am I a responsible citizen about my identity…and that of my loved ones”? I am very pleased to learn of the CIMIP…an organization described below that is doing outstanding research and recommendations about Identity Management issues in the U.S. Obviously our U.S. Government is not solving the problem…and they won’t even touch an international scam issue with an American citizen according to my Senator. So the reality is that you and I my friend, must take responsibility for our own identity issues if we are to protect ourselves from exceptionally destructive actions…identity theft has been the greatest consumer crime for the past 12 years…now surpassing drug crimes…as only about 5% of those guilty are ever punished. So hat’s off to this organization…CIMIP…they define the problem and the issues very well and no doubt will make valuable and sound recommendations. The end question is…who will listen to what they have to say? This seems to me to be an issue that we cannot ask someone to responsibility for…we must do it ourselves.


CIMIP at Utica College, New York

Center for Identity Management and Information Protection


The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP), housed at Utica College, New York, is a research collaborative dedicated to furthering a national research agenda on identity management, information sharing, and data protection. Founded in June 2006, its ultimate goal is to impact policy, regulation, and legislation, working toward a more secure homeland. You can double click on each of these below and get some great information! What is Identity Crime? Identity Theft Identity Fraud Identity Crime Example So what actions can you take now? First, understand the seriousness and potential results in case your identity is stolen. Read information like the CIMIP recommendations on their site. In addition to this I strongly recommend an economical protection and restoration package that I maintain on an ongoing monthly basis. The one that I recommend is an Identity Theft Shield package from what is considered to be the leading  investigative firm around the world….Kroll Inc. This company provides unique services at very competitive prices…including identity monitoring and restoration. Further, Kroll Inc. sought out an attorney firm in 2003 as identity theft is a crime and attorneys are needed for taking the legal action necessary to bring the thieves to justice. LegalShield offers this Identity Theft Shield package from Kroll Inc. so as to provide you with the option of having both Identity Theft Protection and Legal Services…and for less than $1 per day on an ongoing monthly basis.

LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Solutions

I sincerely recommend that you protect yourself for identity theft, including your children, and when you do so, be sure to look for an identity theft package that does not just mail you the do-it-yourself forms for you to correct the issues, but includes their own staff of licensed investigators using power of attorneys and working with very reputable provider attorney firms. This is quite different from you doing the work and requesting reimbursement after the work is completed. In many cases you will not qualify for reimbursement from an insurance policy that has exclusions. To protect  yourself and your loved ones, including your children,  with the LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield protective memberships you can sign up for and begin these memberships now by clicking on this site…


LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield


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