Success 2013-Are you happy in your career? What would you prefer to do?

So we spend a lot of time doing things that we like to do…for many of us it is about the family…your partner…your kids…enjoying time at home….enjoying time with your friends… your community activities…sports…music…theatre….for others it is about doing meaningful business or career things…traveling in your work…recognition by the public or your peers…or seeking entertainment elsewhere…whether it be travel, sports, reading, work, friendships, nightlife… or activities to help others in community service in their lives. For each of us a different set of choices is preferred and most enjoyable.

The primary purpose of this post is to ask you to reflect on those options of life activities that are most meaningful to you and for you to decide, not someone else, what it is that is most meaningful and enjoyable to you.  To me this is the ultimate decision process that occurs every  minute and every day in our lives…what course will we take next…what will we do now? What is the best action for myself and those that I care about? Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is simple, however we make so many blunders, so let’s reinforce the positive and encourage you to think positively about everything in your life and to make choices that are in your very best interests.

About career choices, we probably will make many in our lives…especially if we have not determined clearly what is important to us in our goals, values, morals and ethics,  and to those that we care most about. I suggest that you invest a good bit of mental energy in determining what is important to you my friend. Does that make sense?

In addition to supporting multiple income streams in your life I strongly support a philosophy similar to Justin….in AdviceFromJustin...thank you very much Justin… I personally think that you are “spot on” with your thoughts…and that is quite a compliment to you sir!

How to Choose a Job/Career That Makes You Happy


So my friend, I encourage you to take the course that feels best for you from your heart, and your head, while listening attentively to the heartstrings of those that you care about.


I am an independent owner of my own business which offers products, services, and business opportunities to many…and I work  to inform individuals of these options so that they can benefit those who are interested! The services that we offer are needed by millions!   If this is interesting to you then please fill out the form below.

Dan Norris

And for those who enjoy the beauty and appreciate the wonderful scenes of our glorious country I invite you to double click on the marvelous video below…

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Have a great day!

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What Can Make Your 2013 A Terrific Success?

Happy New Year!  I sincerely hope that you had a great Holiday Season…and I wish you a very successful 2013! Thank you for visiting my sites last year…that was a good beginning for me with you during the last two months of the year and I really appreciated each of you that came by to read…and especially comment and to those that took important steps to improve their lives..

And improving our lives will be my main theme and goal for 2013. If you are like me, I am so pleased that 2012 is behind us…that was a tough year for me…and I know for many of you. I congratulate you on hanging in there and being here to ring in the New Year…with hope and optimism and energy to do our very best. With our belief and God’s continuing blessings we will thrive and good things will continue to be bestowed upon us.working-from-home1

This Is Where I Want To Be At The End of 2013…or somewhere like it…how about you?

So let’s get started on how to have an exceptionally successful 2013! Keep in mind that these are my opinions biased by 58 years of very enjoyable, fun and professional experiences accompanied by wonderful human beings!.

The first question to ask you is what would you like to happen or for you to do during 2013 for the year to be very successful? Each of us have very different lives and very different goals so therefore we need to define what would make us feel that we had a successful year on 12/31/2013. To start your thinking process about defining these goals let me ask you these several questions on which I plan to offer important, solid recommendations to help you. The list could grow during the year however right now, can you say that any of these apply to you? Here are the questions…and for us to have a meaningful dialogue…you need to be very honest with yourself as you answer…

1. .How do you feel about where you will be in your career in five years from 2018?

2.  Is your current income what you would like it to be?  What do you really want to earn?

3.  Are you spending as much time with your loved ones as you or they would like?

4.  If your employer decided to cease business tomorrow do you have alternative employment…we call it a Plan B?

5.  Are you really enjoying what you are doing in your current employment?

6.  Do you have any money left over at the end of the month?

7.  Do you have a financial plan for your life? A financial advisor?

8.  Are you putting aside money for vacations, your retirement and children’s education?

9.  Do you feel financially independent now?

10. Do you choose how you invest your time or does your employer? How long does it      take for you to driver to/from your work?

11. Do you believe that if you  continue to do what you are doing you will achieve what       you want in life?

12.  Do you have any personal legal issues including mortgage, debt, divorce, child support, traffic violations or much more serious vehicular homicide issues, civil suits, completion of your wills, living wills and health care power of attorneys, or any other trivial or traumatic issues that need resolving? Especially issues that you feel that you do not have money to resolve.

13.  Do you believe that you are at risks for identity theft and not sure how to deal with it? What would happen if your identity were stolen? Would you like for a licensed investigator to restore your identity or would you prefer to do the work yourself and be reimbursed for what you did across the U.S…not your time and effort…just for those that invoiced you..who pays you for your time…the insurance policy does not…that is a do it yourself answer.

14.  Are you ready to be productively employed today..yes today.. and are not sure how to find the right solution that you can trust and not waste your time and energy? Are you confused by all the claims which are very misleading?

15.  Are you ready for a much improved lifestyle…associating with a very high quality class of people with morals, ethics, professional, intelligent people, and committed to success of all of their peers…through cooperation and committed work efforts.

16.  Do you have a small business with less than (99) employees on which you need very economical legal and consulting advice to help you navigate successfully through the taxes, regulations, and good decisions at a cost of less than $100 per month?

Now if I can show you ways to achieve any of these goals at a cost within your budget…would you like to begin making decisions that will help you to achieve these goals?

If so, in a series of posts I will begin addressing each of these questions. I hope that you will join me and give me questions and inspiration to give you the right answers!


Dan Norris
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Would you like for your family to feel more secure? Protect you and your loved ones!



Have you considered what you would do if you had awakened this morning to find that your identity had been stolen?  Where would you begin to solve the issues?

Would you prefer to have a licensed investigator and attorney to call and report your disappointing news to them?

Unfortunately, some 30,000 citizens found themselves to be new identity theft victims this morning…likely totaling nearly 11 million victims in the U.S. this year. ID theft crime has now for 12 years been the leading consumer complaint crime and costs exceed that of the illegal drug industry. It is much more lucrative than drugs as conviction rates are about 5% and bodily and legal risks are much lower.

Equally as important in these days and times are legal issues, either trivial or traumatic. With the economy crawling along many individuals are in need of much more legal advice and protection for their families.  A large number of lawsuits will be filed this year in state courts throughout the land. Over 15 million. That works out to one new lawsuit every two seconds and some 41,000 per day for 365 day…. Or one lawsuit for every 12 adults in America. This is truly a large number of lawsuits. Many Americans and Canadians need good legal advice on their mortgages, debts, or on a purchase or sale of a home, car or other major item having warranty.  In many cases there are documents to be read and reviewed before signing. Traffic violations occur, The IRS wants to review past income tax returns. Many civil suits are filed in the hopes of receiving large lump sum payments.  Unbelievably, 7 of 10 U.S. citizens pass away in the U.S without a will, living will and health care power of attorney documents.  Divorces, bankruptcies, garnishments and child custody issues are very common. The list of legal matters is virtually endless.

This is probably why more than 94% of the world’s attorneys reside in the U.S. and we only have 7% of the population…reportedly.  Any number of trivial or traumatic events can happen at any time, usually without notice.  As normal human beings we can really use the services of a trusted,  affordable attorney 2-6 times per year. We just do not call on them many times because we want to avoid the expense, the hassle, the risk of choosing the right attorney for the issue, feeling intimidated by the process, so we just go on without good legal advice. This may not be in our best interests. My research indicates that we Americans need legal plans and ID theft shields and real identity restoration by licensed investigators more frequently than we use automobile insurance, health insurance, and homeowner’s insurance. We are in a very letigious society and it is becoming more so every day. As responsible adults I encourage you to consider these risks, request the information available below, and take the actions that you think are best for you and your loved ones.

Many millions of Americans now have these legal issues, and due to typically unaffordable costs, not knowing a qualified attorney to deal with your issues, or not knowing what to do next, they just do nothing. It is my intention to make you aware of solutions to solve these issues, at costs that you can afford, and to give you options of what to do next.

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LegalShield Legal Plans

After completing the information requested on this site within 24-36 hours you will be provided with your membership number that entitles you to full access to all legal services. Upon receipt of your membership number which I will provide personally to you, you may contact the legal firm for unlimited questions and discussions. Your request will be responded to by a qualified, trusted attorney within 8 hours of your request. The company is well-respected by the Attorney Generals of states in the U.S. and the Better Business Bureau, having served some 4 million people now for over 40 years.

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Dan Norris

Woman Chases Down Identity Thief - Good Morning America+

Karen Lodrick

When you invest a few minutes on the subject of identity theft….which should be at the top of your priority list for you and those that you love…we can find some very interesting information. I found this incredible story yesterday about a young woman in San Francisco that recognized from bank videos the person in Starbucks that stole her identity…and chased down her identity thief through the streets of San Francisco…no easy task…and called 911…asked a cab driver to stop because the woman was a thief…and the police came and arrested her…the victim showed incredible courage and determination to have this person arrested.  This brave and determined young woman victim is named Karen Lodrick…and you can begin to learn about her here…she is a heroic young woman!

Fortunately, the San Francisco media heard the story and it was reported on Good Morning America in the following filmclip…

Karen Lodrick on Good Morning America

As you heard in the video, the thief received 43 days  in jail and 3 months probation…a trifling sentence for all the trauma that she put Karen through.  This is incredibly unfair to the victim…and it sends no message to the thief that if you do this you will be punished. Until we recognize the seriousness of and punish criminals for these kinds of crimes on our fellow man, then we will only see an increase in the activity.

It seems to me that our country should be focused on the welfare and security of the U.S. citizens no matter what the circumstances. However, our focus has declined to that of providing for those who can game or beat the is an identity thief who has taken horrendous advantage of someone else’s financial welfare….and essentially has no punishment. Is this what we are promoting in America?..Take what you can if you can get away with it? There should be serious laws and regulations to deal with identity theft. It does not even get enough serious attention of the media, this story being a wonderful exception, much less the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government. This country has a wonderful Constitution that protects the rights of it’s citizens….we need to make sure that our politicians ensure these rights and our media is responsible to the citizens consistently.

Karen Lodrick has proceeded to become an advocate, teacher, and speaker about Identity Theft. Her life will never be the same since that event. And she is one of the few that at least caught the perpetrator. And because of our laws…there was minimum justice.

It is highly recommended that you inform yourself and your friends that there are alternative identity theft protection  which is much preferred by those who have been informed about the differences.  Once someone’s identity has been stolen, the preferable solution is restoration to the original status before the theft. This includes credit positions, positions with banks, drivers licenses, social security numbers, medicare records, medical records, and many agencies that have your data. Very few people are aware that preventing identity theft is virtually impossible.  Even more do not realize what courses of action must be taken once their identity has been stolen. Very few people realize that in order to restore your identity that it will take many hours and typically years of effort to contact all of the parties that have your identity data that may have been negatively impacted. Do you know in how many digital data bases your personal identity resides? And in what locations, companies, government agencies, hospitals, employers, stores, suppliers could your data be located?

LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Solutions

I sincerely recommend that you protect yourself for identity theft, including your children, and when you do so, be sure to look for an identity theft package that does not just mail you the do-it-yourself forms for you to correct the issues, but includes their own staff of licensed investigators using power of attorneys and working with very reputable provider attorney firms. This is quite different from you doing the work and requesting reimbursement after the work is completed. In many cases you will not qualify for reimbursement from an insurance policy that has exclusions. To protect  yourself and your loved ones, including your children,  with the LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield protective memberships you can sign up for and begin these memberships now by clicking on this site…


LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield

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Thank you,

Dan Norris