Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy?

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Do you  agree that without our health, our wealth is unimportant…except for the legacy that we leave for others! The capability to pay our medical bills and purchase care from others is very important.  If you are like me you want to avoid sickness as long as possible. Show me how to make myself and my family healthier first and then wealthier second…both of which should be high priorities! And I will describe that here!

But Americans are avoiding “small businesses” because they do not realize their importance. Typical Americans don’t see helping their “small business” family and friends this way…just by doing business with them. Most Americans refuse to do business with their family and friends and others in small businesses!!! How shocking is this? I find so many Americans acting this way that it disgusts me….in my family…from my friends…my prospects…they are so biased and closed minded. We in the “small business community” suffer greatly from this bias and what should be termed “insensitivity and ignorance”.

So I am confusing you and you do not know what I mean right?

Do you realize that a lot of people run the other way when a family member or friend personally and directly offers them helpful, economic products and solutions? They run the other way because they think that persons are trying to sell them something! Unfortunately, as a society we are conditioned to buy as a result of tv, newspaper, radio and all kinds of advertisements, bargain specials on price, doctors advice, and bad habits. The very best method in my opinion is to ask your family and friends for referrals to see what they may have learned.

For example a very intelligent lady said to me yesterday…if these products were any good my doctor or the tv would have recommended them to me. How uninformed! As buyers of goods we use our God given intelligence about as much as we do at the political ballot box. It is shameful! We are tolerating what we know to be corrupt, criminal, thieving politicians just so that we can continue our race or family’s tradition of voting for a certain party…and this practice is destroying our country as politicians get richer and we get we continue our horrible habits.

Do you realize that home based businesses in any country are important to millions of unemployed people or people wanting to supplement their income…as well as to our overall economy! Are you one of those? I am! Are you aware that 95%+ of all our businesses are small businesses? Small businesses are critical to our economy. Do you look for a small business to buy from? Why not?

I just heard of a lady who sold household goods including toilet paper in her home based business. Her daughter refused to buy toilet paper in bulk for their several funeral home businesses because she wanted to buy from a box store. And the daughter did not know her mother could not pay her mortgage. How ridiculous and unkind!

Would you prefer that your friend or neighbor with a home based business be able to pay their mortgage and put food on their tables?..or do you prefer that much of what you pay go to advertising, taxes, to pay multi-million dollar salaries to corporate executives and to the stockholders?

There are companies that do not pay for any advertising or promotion, or expensive corporate executives and board of directors. Enagic USA LTD  is one of those companies. Do you know why?

These companies provide very special, excellent training to their Independent Distributors as Direct Sellers to present accurate information to you and to give you far superior products and benefits. In my case, I have researched Kangen Water and Enagic LTD for (19) months to assure that I am acting in the best interests of my clients and that they are getting far more value from me than from my competitors. I am working to bring “good health” first to my clients because I think this is the most important issue of their lives. Then if they can maintain their good health does it make sense to achieve wealth…but not until you take care of the first priority. Common sense tells us this.

So what is your opinion? Is good health first? Wealth second? And where does doing businesses with “small businesses” made up of family and friends and other individuals (95% of our total businesses) fit into your buying approach? Do you care? And this is why we have the 99% uninformed population in many cases.

Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy?


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Are you one of those people who already know everything there is to know? Sad to say I meet so many of those who think they know everything when in fact they are reaching the stage where they should realize they know very little. I bet you that you will not believe the implications of the following…I have interviewed (28) college graduate medical doctors in the last year and only (9) could tell me that they had heard of alkalized water.

Do you know that your body should consist of 60-75% of good water? Americans take 2/3 of all drugs, chemicals and prescriptions and we only make up 5% of the world’s population. Do you think Americans are getting healthier or sicker? It may be worthwhile for you to ponder over what this may mean to you and your family now and in the future…

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Contact me if you would like to know how you can own one of these medical quality devices that are warranted for five years and are lasting for 15-22 years… longer than an automobile and refrigerator …and will become a common household appliance when citizens realize they should be drinking the correct amount and quality of water each day. Have you checked out any of the user testimonials yet?

Why not?

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Japan enjoys the #1 life longivity position in the world right now. Americans enjoy the #37-40th position in the world…behind Cuba. Does that cause you any concern?