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Are Peace of Mind and Maximum Income Important To You?


Are These Important To You?

Peace of Mind

So each day we make decisions about what is important to us!

And that list changes every day based upon what is now important!

Let’s face two topics that are a not a matter of IF but When! Do you want to prepare now or later? There is a major difference in cost!

Are Peace of Mind and Maximum Income Important To You?


If either of these are important please invest a few minutes in watching this video…both will be very important at some time in your life…it is a matter of time…it could be now or later…but it will happen!



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Americans personal identity now is at greater risk than it has ever been.  As we have just experienced 40-70 million people’s personal credit card data being stolen from Target…and the Federal Government is spending millions of dollars in advertising to get Americans to use the Obamacare.gov website that professionals testify is absolutely unsecure,  the risks increase.

Identity Theft of Social Security Card

Identity Theft of Social Security Numbers

And since you can’t stop all this…you can only have it monitored, get notified rapidly, and then it has to be fixed taking 3 years in many cases…and some cases are never resolved….who is going to fix it for you? Do you have access to your data in all the databases around the U.S. and world? Do you have the time to act as an ID Theft detective and get authorization from the banks and credit bureaus and government to check on all your data? Really?  Are you serious?

Don’t kid yourself, it is ridiculous to think that you can put your identity back together by yourself….even if you do have an insurance policy to reimburse you for your time and effort. Can you afford the time?

My professional opinion is that you really need experienced, licensed investigators with legal Limited Power of Attorneys to help you with restoring your identity. And for this reason I choose to represent a company that I believe to be the best in the industry to do this for you.  I write about these subjects as a retired Financial Advisor that wants to help you personally with the best possible solutions available in case your identity is stolen. And if you watch the video in the first article above it will tell you all about it. And if you just want the quick solution to get started go here and select your choice of products and sign up within 10 minutes…



You will be very glad that you did!



Peace of Mind

Internal Revenue Service

Examples of Identity Theft Schemes - Fiscal Year 2013

The following examples of identity theft schemes are written from public record documents on file in the court records in the judicial district in which the cases were prosecuted.

Two Sentenced for Participating in Identity Theft Scam
On September 30, 2013, in Los Angeles, Calif., Michael Williams, of Palmdale, was sentenced to 33 months in prison and ordered to pay $787,086 in restitution. Mike Niko, of Los Angeles, was sentenced to 15 months in prison and ordered to pay $104,662 in restitution. According to court documents, from May 2008 through July 2010, Williams and Niko conspired with others to defraud the United States by using the personal identifying information of various individuals to file false tax returns claiming fraudulent tax refunds. A co-conspirator stole names and social security numbers from the California Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) computer system. The fraudulent returns claimed the First Time Home Buyer Credit and/or Earned Income Credit. Purporting to be tax preparers, Williams and Niko established bank accounts for the purpose of receiving the refunds claimed on the false tax returns.

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Press Release - The Law and Legal Service Plans


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Discover The Secret World of Economical Legal Advice

The topic of this post is “Discover The Secret World of Economical Legal Advice”.

On July 20th, I published on Amazon.com a Paperback version and an EBook version on  KDP Kindle Select the first of a series of books on the subject of creating, protecting and achieving financial independence. The series will include practical advice and experiences in a number of different fields relating to law, finances, wealth creation and protection, risk management, and marketing and sales.

The book is available internationally with a U.S. price of $9.99 for the EBook version and $9.49 for the Paperback version. Country currency prices are available from Amazon.

The Law

Legal Plans

The author has had extensive experience with retaining attorneys over a long time period and has elected to share some of those experiences with you to benefit you.

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The author believes that this book provides value to many individuals
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I believe that the value one can gain from this book is on how to save money and avoid expenses, how to protect your assets, how to increase your security, how to  make better decisions, and how to more effectively grow your assets and your business. I sincerely invite you to read and enjoy this book.

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As a marketing consultant to individuals and small businesses, no matter what business you may be operating, if you have a need for distribution and sale of your services and products, then I suggest that you consider the technology of “attraction marketing” very seriously. Other books that I am offering free, in addition to the above book, are Ann Sieg’s “7 Great Lies of Network Marketing” and “The Network Marketer’s Manifesto”. You will find these free books available for download on this Blog on any Post under the TAB of Attraction Marketing.

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