Is your current income what you would like it to be? What do you really want to earn?


Jim Carey - How Wealthy People Laugh


Ok…I think Jim has it right…when you have it you enjoy it more! I love it!

So how much would you like to earn each year…for the next 20-40-50 years?

I don’t believe that your answer is that you want just enough to pay the bills!

I think your answer is going to be…more than I can spend…and not have to worry at the end of the month that I have enough to go around! That is my answer! We all spend at different rates…ok…so Dan, tell me how to earn more than I spend? Ok my friend…here is the answer.

Just as there can be an unlimited amount of spending…believe it or not there can be an unlimited amount of income! Oh really? Yes my friend. And if you will follow very closely  my 16 step response to making your 2013 very successful…you could wind up being very wealthy…no promises…it is up to you as to how you execute the plan my friend! So you want to know where the unlimited amount of income is right? Well it is not in a pot at the end of a rainbow. It comes from multiple income streams reliable companies.and investments. Repeat…it comes from multiple income streams from  reliable companies.and investments. Multiple income streams are the solution. In the investment industry this strategy is called diversification. The problem is where do you find the reliable companies and investments? Now, are you willing to use committed efforts and smarts to get the income streams growing?

If you meet these criteria…then your odds of achieving multiple streams of income…    1. Do you have a burning desire to succeed?
2. Are you willing to learn?
3. Are you willing to work hard?

I want to share with you how you can achieve multiple income streams while you earn from home, while you earn online, establish online jobs from home,  while making money from home,  and you earn from home. You can earn money online, and develop your own personal financial help while doing so, money is what you need to make you financially independent, time independent and with financial freedom for whatever you want.

I propose solutions that are needed by many individuals, families, small businesses,
large businesses, small business owners, and to those who want to begin their own businesses. If you would like more information about achieving your financial goals please complete the form below.

Thank you,

Dan Norris

The Legal Needs of American Families - Newly Released White Papers

White Paper Research Study

Press Releases
PR Newswire
DALLAS, Nov. 27, 2012
New Study Shows Need, Demand for Legal Services By Working Americans and Families

Study Identifies Cost and Confusion as Barriers to Getting Needed Legal Help


Study Identifies Cost and Confusion as Barriers to Getting Needed Legal Help



New Study Shows Need, demand for Legal Services by Working Americans and Families

Study Identifies Cost and Confusion as Barriers to Getting Needed Legal Help.

White Papers Available for Individuals and for Group Benefits




LegalShield Solutions

What if you knew about a highly qualified provider lawyer and attorney firm that would work with you for most of your legal needs at a  fee of $17 or $26 per month, and for the legal needs beyond their agreement you received a 25% discount from their usual fees. And their was no contract for a required period of time. However their monthly contract services were so valuable that just for their inclusion of a Will, Living Will, and Health Care Power of Attorney, that this alone was worth $500…and this was a beginning. Other inclusions by the Provider Attorney Firm are unlimited legal advice from 9-5 each weekday and 24/7 coverage for emergency issues. Your membership card provides you with 24/7 coverage to assure your Miranda Rights with a live attorney. And these are a beginning to the services that provide some 80% of the legal services that you need. For the remainder the Provider Attorney firm offers their services at a 25% discount. You can begin these services immediately by filling out the information at the following website…                      

LegalShield Legal Plans

After completing the information requested on this site within 24-36 hours you will be provided with your membership number that entitles you to full access to all legal services. Upon receipt of your membership number which I will provide personally to you, you may contact the legal firm for unlimited questions and discussions. Your request will be responded to by a qualified, trusted attorney within 8 hours of your request. The company is well-respected by the Attorney Generals of states in the U.S. and the Better Business Bureau, having served some 4 million people now for over 40 years.

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