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These are very special messages to the 40,000+ Subscribers of this “ROAD TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE” Blog!

My first message is to “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” for your interest and subscribing to one of my favorite activities.

I thank you sincerely for your receiving all publication releases as well as your excellent acceptance of the content! From a small business owner viewpoint this blog is a major testimonial for a Blog created using “Attraction Marketing” and “Content Marketing” techniques, as the initial post was made only (4) years ago and has achieved a substantial readership. To me it says that many businesses, individuals and other entities can benefit by providing their own Blog, especially “small businesses”.

American Business is Overwhelmingly Small Business… “in the U.S. Firms with fewer than 500 workers accounted for 99.7 percent of those businesses, and businesses with less than 20 workers made up 89.6 percent.” Further information from this same study reveals the following “

• 51.6 percent of businesses were operated primarily from someone’s home.

• 23.8 percent of employer firms operated out of a home.

• 62.9 percent of non-employer businesses were home-based.

Creating blogs and advertising my business via “attraction marketing techniques” gives me sincere pleasure and satisfaction and has allowed me to develop my personal “Mission Statement”… and that is “to inform as many as possible as to how to improve their health and longevity, increase their wealth, and to have greater peace of mind.”


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And now to share the special and vital information for everyone that I have learned during the last several months. Even with significant college study in pharmacy, exact sciences and business I never encountered any meaningful information on the subject of “ionized, alkalized, restructured, microbial, antioxidant water” . It would have changed my life significantly both health-wise and financially had I known this information many years ago. What I heard about water was the I should drink about eight 8-ounce glasses each day with no mention as to timing, type, or properties. That was left up to the advertisers in the tv and media industry.

The total nominal spending on medicines in the U.S. in 2014 was reported at $425 billion and the U.S. exports of biomedicals to the foreign markets at some $47 billion. Sales of bottled water in the U.S. in 2014 were estimated at about $13 billion.

I am so very pleased to know this now as I still have some time to do something about what I have learned and to share it with my family, friends and truly everyone that will listen…it is that important…in my opinion. What amazes me about sharing this information is the number of people with “closed minds”.. It is like many people have a preconceived notion that unless you hear and see something on tv or the mainstream news media…or from their medical doctors…that it can’t be true. And the most serious phobia by the uninformed is that if a product is marketed by and individual other than a store-front or retail store that you see on TV that it must be a scam. To the contrary, you probably benefit more from direct selling than by the entire retail chain sharing their 5-10% cut to take products to market. Some people consider a direct seller a scammer. How uninformed they really with attitudes like this.

I wonder if these same people who resist information ask their doctor or the TV people if virtually all sodas, bottled water, tap water  and energy drinks are good for them before drinking them? These people would be amazed at what they are drinking to hydrate their bodies. No wonder we have so much obesity, illness, cancer, and other serious illnesses.

My opinions are that we are bombarding our bodies with more than 100,000 inorganic chemicals internally and externally. A very smart man that came up with Newton’s Laws concluded…”for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  Could it be that all of the wonderful chemicals that we spray on ourselves, wash our clothes with,  our dishes and bodies with, spray our foods with to protect them from insects and disease, inject into our soils and animal bodies like GMO’s to stimulate growth..and on and on…could be having any adverse effects on our health? You can bet they do!

Having said all that, I will make a full disclaimer that I am not a qualified medical professional of any kind and that for advice that you should seek the advice of a qualified medical professional of your choice to gain advice. Ironically, I consider it very important that during my researching this information that I have personally asked (24) professional medical doctor professionals to see if they were familiar with the topics that are written about below, and I discovered that only (5) of those (24) were aware of some of the information and some of the research involved, but not in a very detailed fashion.

From this I concluded that my research on the subject of “water” had informed me to a level that was much more than my professional medical doctors whom I rely upon for their medical advice. A profound fact is that our bodies are made up of 60% to 75% water averaging around 72%. Why not as much attention to what we hydrate our bodies with as we give to prescriptions for illnesses?

In my research I discovered an organization called the American Anti-Cancer InstituteThe Mission of the proposed American Anti-Cancer Center Campus, is to eradicate cancer and other immune-degenerative disease in humans through the Hippocratic philosophy of Natural Medicine among three proposed Campus facilities:
The American Anti-Cancer Institute, The American Anti-Cancer University and The American Anti-Cancer Clinic. Did you know about this organization and their efforts that have gone on for years? I did not and as a prior (4) time malignant Cancer Survivor, this organization information was a revelation to me. Especially since The American Cancer Society states publicly that they project that each American man has a 1 in 2 likelihood to contract cancer during their lifetime where every American woman has a 1 in 3 likelihood to contract cancer during their lifetime. 

This prompted me to read several books including “Killing Cancer - Not People” by Robert G. Wright, and “The Confessions of a Skeptical Physician” by Dr. Tim McKnight, MD, plus several other writings that I have listed on my research sites. There are many videos posted in YouTube and Vimeo and other sites which I have learned that America’s medical, pharmaceutical, medical university, legal and media industry are closely aligned to drugs, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals for our medical solutions, and that the NIH is continuing on that same inorganic path.

Have you heard of these publications? They are extremely important, among others, and if you are or have someone in your family with a serious illness, I highly recommend that you read these books as soon as possible.

Special Messages
Killing Cancer - Not People
Robert G. Wright-Author


Special Messages
The Confessions of a Skeptical Physician
Dr. Tim McKnight MD
Change Your Water - Change Your Life
The Enzyme Factor
by Dr. Hiromi Shinya






Would you agree that KNOWLEDGE is POWER? If you do why not read below in detail and in my opinion possibly improve your health and longevity, increase your wealth and have greater peace of mind?

Here it is!..this very important information that very few know about now…although I believe that there will be a major information explosion on this topic soon…the solutions have been developed and placed on the market in 1974. The initial research began by German Scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg  and in 1931 he was awarded his first Nobel Prize. The Russians, Japanese and other countries continued research on related topics of life longevity, acid rain, and water.

In 1974 the Japanese developed and introduced high technology ionizing devices to receive tap or faucet water, filter it from impurities however leaving valuable minerals in the water, and then to provide restructured water that when produced as alkaline water it is a powerful anti-oxidant water. This alkalyzed, electrolized, restructured,  anti-oxidant water, microbial electrically charged to connect with free radicals, has proven very useful to many thousands of people.

My personal view of a truly clean, mineral rich healthy water is that produced by a fast running, cold mountain stream or waterfalls with rocks where the water is cascading over these rocks.  This is what nature once provided to man…however is becoming extremely scarce now… it only exists in very limited parts of the world today. This similar kind of water is now available to you, produced by you as you turn on your kitchen faucet and the water proceeds through an electronic medical device system that produces this kind of water. Just think…eliminate the millions of gallons of petroleum to deliver water to you, no mystery as to where the water was produced, how old it is, how fresh the water really may be, what chemicals may be inside, and no plastic bottles leach bpa.  This will help to avoid further contamination of our oceans now filled with five major plastic garbage vortexes, with one “Garbage Patch” which is larger than the State of Texas…and growing. This problem to me seems much more realistic and proven than global warming!

The real danger to you and anyone that drinks our current water supplies, and especially bottled water which is virtually unregulated as to quality, whatever the source, is how to avoid the chemicals, poisons, herbicides, pesticides, groundwater pharmaceutical contaminants including viagara and all of the hospice disposals made in toilets of homes. And the impurities of heated plastic and bpa contaminants adds a new dimension of risk to the human body.

I am your Independent Distributor for Kangen Water, Enagic USA Ltd and this is my way of sharing this message with as many people as possible. I can help you get your Kangen Water System to connect to your faucet anywhere around the world…and also to help anyone establish their own Independent Distributorship only if they choose as this is not necessary. And I will explain how you can earn your Kangen Water medical device FREE!

So you may think that I am kidding with you…not so…I invite you to do your own research just by entering the words “kangen water” into search bars and see what you find. Our doctors suggest that you use “www.pubmed.org” for the most accurate medical info. I have enjoyed finding several thousand videos on both www.youtube.com and www.vimeo.com.  I especially enjoy the one called Celebrities Drinking Kangen Water“. Why would people like Bill Gates direct his research analysts and attorneys to recommend anything but the best for his use?

Now available in 67 countries around the world in homes, hospitals, restaurants, and certified and prescribed by 7,000+ Japanese doctors this technology certainly deserves your time and attention for your own analysis.

Thank you again for your reading time and being a Subscriber to this blog. I sincerely trust that you enjoyed this information and that it may benefit you in some ways.


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Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy?

Good Health








Do you  agree that without our health, our wealth is unimportant…except for the legacy that we leave for others! The capability to pay our medical bills and purchase care from others is very important.  If you are like me you want to avoid sickness as long as possible. Show me how to make myself and my family healthier first and then wealthier second…both of which should be high priorities! And I will describe that here!

But Americans are avoiding “small businesses” because they do not realize their importance. Typical Americans don’t see helping their “small business” family and friends this way…just by doing business with them. Most Americans refuse to do business with their family and friends and others in small businesses!!! How shocking is this? I find so many Americans acting this way that it disgusts me….in my family…from my friends…my prospects…they are so biased and closed minded. We in the “small business community” suffer greatly from this bias and what should be termed “insensitivity and ignorance”.

So I am confusing you and you do not know what I mean right?

Do you realize that a lot of people run the other way when a family member or friend personally and directly offers them helpful, economic products and solutions? They run the other way because they think that persons are trying to sell them something! Unfortunately, as a society we are conditioned to buy as a result of tv, newspaper, radio and all kinds of advertisements, bargain specials on price, doctors advice, and bad habits. The very best method in my opinion is to ask your family and friends for referrals to see what they may have learned.

For example a very intelligent lady said to me yesterday…if these products were any good my doctor or the tv would have recommended them to me. How uninformed! As buyers of goods we use our God given intelligence about as much as we do at the political ballot box. It is shameful! We are tolerating what we know to be corrupt, criminal, thieving politicians just so that we can continue our race or family’s tradition of voting for a certain party…and this practice is destroying our country as politicians get richer and we get poorer..as we continue our horrible habits.

Do you realize that home based businesses in any country are important to millions of unemployed people or people wanting to supplement their income…as well as to our overall economy! Are you one of those? I am! Are you aware that 95%+ of all our businesses are small businesses? Small businesses are critical to our economy. Do you look for a small business to buy from? Why not?

I just heard of a lady who sold household goods including toilet paper in her home based business. Her daughter refused to buy toilet paper in bulk for their several funeral home businesses because she wanted to buy from a box store. And the daughter did not know her mother could not pay her mortgage. How ridiculous and unkind!

Would you prefer that your friend or neighbor with a home based business be able to pay their mortgage and put food on their tables?..or do you prefer that much of what you pay go to advertising, taxes, to pay multi-million dollar salaries to corporate executives and to the stockholders?

There are companies that do not pay for any advertising or promotion, or expensive corporate executives and board of directors. Enagic USA LTD  is one of those companies. Do you know why?

These companies provide very special, excellent training to their Independent Distributors as Direct Sellers to present accurate information to you and to give you far superior products and benefits. In my case, I have researched Kangen Water and Enagic LTD for (19) months to assure that I am acting in the best interests of my clients and that they are getting far more value from me than from my competitors. I am working to bring “good health” first to my clients because I think this is the most important issue of their lives. Then if they can maintain their good health does it make sense to achieve wealth…but not until you take care of the first priority. Common sense tells us this.

So what is your opinion? Is good health first? Wealth second? And where does doing businesses with “small businesses” made up of family and friends and other individuals (95% of our total businesses) fit into your buying approach? Do you care? And this is why we have the 99% uninformed population in many cases.

Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy?


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Introduction by Pat Boone


Are you one of those people who already know everything there is to know? Sad to say I meet so many of those who think they know everything when in fact they are reaching the stage where they should realize they know very little. I bet you that you will not believe the implications of the following…I have interviewed (28) college graduate medical doctors in the last year and only (9) could tell me that they had heard of alkalized water.

Do you know that your body should consist of 60-75% of good water? Americans take 2/3 of all drugs, chemicals and prescriptions and we only make up 5% of the world’s population. Do you think Americans are getting healthier or sicker? It may be worthwhile for you to ponder over what this may mean to you and your family now and in the future…

Alkalyzed Restructured Antioxidant Kangen Water

Contact me if you would like to know how you can own one of these medical quality devices that are warranted for five years and are lasting for 15-22 years… longer than an automobile and refrigerator …and will become a common household appliance when citizens realize they should be drinking the correct amount and quality of water each day. Have you checked out any of the user testimonials yet?

Why not?

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Japan enjoys the #1 life longivity position in the world right now. Americans enjoy the #37-40th position in the world…behind Cuba. Does that cause you any concern?