How can you take advantage of a technology or something that may benefit you if you never heard about it and don’t know what is being said about it?  You can’t! And that is why this post is being written! This post is presented to state only facts as I researched and found them to be.  This post does not make any medical recommendations, medical advice or offer medical solutions. For medical recommendations see your licensed physicians. Many licensed physicians are referenced in these posts for your benefit and reading.

This information is not yet widely disseminated in the United States. The television media have run brief spots occasionally throughout the U.S. however there is no advertising program underway. The products involved are marketed via direct sales only where satisfied users refer them to prospective users. The preventative wellcare side of medical industry has accepted and used the technology for several years successfully. On the other hand, the traditional medical and pharmaceutical industries have not yet embraced and accepted this technology in America. Most of the traditional medical physicians that I have personally interviewed are not familiar with alkalyzed, restructured, antioxidant water and the results that have been realized from using this type water.  Acceptance is growing daily as more are using and sharing the Kangen Water technology.

I believe that this information will have very significant impact upon the medical and supporting industries once it becomes widely accepted and known  throughout the U.S. and other countries around the world. Many believe these medical solutions will be the next wave of important medical technology development for all. This technology was developed in Japan and introduced in June 1974, has been in successful use since that time and in 1987 the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare authorized the Enagic Osaka, Japan factory as a medical equipment manufacturer. The technology is now being distributed in (68) countries internationally. Kangen Water by Enagic USA was first introduced in the U.S. in Los Angeles in 2004.

Who would ever believe words like “CHANGE YOUR WATER AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE” could have a significant meaning? I didn’t when I first heard about them in February, 2015. I laughed to myself and said…just another “scam”. Since I am writing my second book on how to avoid “scams” I was strongly motivated to find the truths. My background includes (4) years of college in pharmacy, chemistry and education, (5) years in business management, and many years in high technology business, financial planning and start-up transactions in virtually every state in the United States. I am a (4) time malignant cancer victim and was intrigued when I heard the testimonies and began to compile research on the topic of water. How could this be? Why have I not heard anything about this technology? So I began intensive research in 2/2015 and in the process interviewed many medical doctors as well as wellness doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, sports medicine physicians and the like.

What I found was that those in the U.S. medical profession dealing with wellness and illness prevention began accepting water technology several years ago and are on a path to increased acceptance, whereas medical doctors involved in treating illnesses, the pharmaceutical industry, and medical schools are not actively talking about water technology. It does not appear likely that they will be soon. Unfortunately, United States residents consume approximately 67% of all drugs and pharmaceuticals however this country only has some 5% of the world’s population. I have heard statements from the NIH that we now only have medical solutions for (500) diseases however there are (25,000) more diseases with no solutions. Our country has produced over 100,000 chemicals that we use in and on our bodies, foods, homes, environment, clothing and furniture. GMO’s, the name for “genetically modified organisms” have been recently approved by our Congress and Senate to increase in the public use. Our water supplies including your municipal tap waters and  bottled waters have been analyzed and found to contain many chemicals that can be destructive to our bodies. We have an abundance of obesity and the American Cancer Society tells us that now (1) of every (2) men and (1) of (3) females will contract cancer during their lifetime.

Is it any wonder that the United States ranks #37 in life longevity in the world and behind that of Cuba? Japan ranks #1 in the world in life longevity.

As meaningful background on this topic in my opinion, significant research began on the subject of cancer in Germany by scientist Dr. Otto Wilhelm Warburg in the 1920’s. Dr. Warburg presented  a paper, The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer in 1966 to peer scientists.In the 1930’s the Russians began studing life longevity and then the Japanese began research on water and acid rain. This research, among other studies, led to the Japanese introducing water solutions for producing  excellent ionized, reduced, restructured, antioxidant water in 1974 called Kangen Water, developed and marketed by a company called Enagic LTD.  Further research was performed beginning in the 1960’s  by Dr. Hiromi Shinya M.D., a gastrointestinal surgeon in Japan and in Beth Israel Hospital in New York.  Dr. Shinya co-developed the colonoscopy and has performed or supervised more than 375,000 colonoscopy procedures. This is called the Shinya Method. He also developed the polypectomy devices and procedures.

The Japanese produced Kangen Water medical devices first developed in Japan in 1974 were later introduced in the U.S. in 2003 on the West Coast. Wellness physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and natural solution professionals began to adopt and support these medical devices that mount on a kitchen sink.  Many celebrities through their research professionals learned about these technologies and in 2012 many began using Kangen Water  extensively. In Japan, more than 7,000 medical doctors certify the use of Kangen Water machines by Enagic LTD as medical devices, prescribe their use to their patients, as well as their hospitals use them extensively for many purposes. Their use has now extended to at least (68) countries including Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia and other countries. It is reported that more than 32,000+ restaurants are now using these medical devices, as well as hotels for purposes of sanitation and cleaning.



Ionized Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Change Your Water Change Your Life

Think about this…your body is 60-75% water.  Do you think that we should be paying significant attention to the most important part of our bodies..the liquids with which we replenish our vital water? Or should we invest and treat only the 25% to 40% of the rest of our bodies with chemicals and procedures? What parts of your body are you investing in right now? Has anyone informed you about the importance of the rest of your body? Why not? Healthy and clean water is vital to our bodies…and without it we can live for only a few days. Many would say that is “water is water”…”that all water is the same”…however do you think that the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, Lake Michigan, bottled water, sports drinks, sodas, your household tap water from your utility… are all the same? The answer is an emphatic NO!  And we are adding toxic chemicals to our environment  at an alarming rate.

I suggest that this is critically important information that is vital to your health, your family’s health and to all human beings.  We now have very effective, affordable water solutions that very few people know about. Would you like to be one of the informed so that you can make good decisions for you and your family? Get informed! This is vital information for you!

Do You Want To Change Your Life?
Testimonials Are Valuable-See these!

I have found many useful personal testimonials on video by going to and and performing a search on “kangen water” or “kangen water arthritis” or any topic that I want to see about Kangen Water. I suggest that you do the same so as to see these testimonials. And if there is a Kangen Water Presentation Meeting near you, please attend a meeting as many Kangen Water users give their personal testimonies at these meetings.

My personal testimony is that the arthritis in my knees that had been so inflamed for nine years…and after drinking about (100) ounces per day of Kangen Water for (65) days, the pain in my knees virtually went away and I am able to walk a mile, climb stairs, dance, cut my grass with a push mower, and many other tasks that I could not do before I began drinking the water. I also feel much better, have more energy, my blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is normal, and I feel that my body continues to be detoxified every day. Call me if you would like to discuss our experiences.



To get an idea of who has researched this and are very pleased with their results…please watch this video…

Celebrities Drinking Ionized Alkalyzed Antioxidant Water


The next video I want to share with is called…

What Doctors Are Saying
Published on Apr 4, 2012

Bob Brown


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Watch the Kangen Water Demonstration

Click to see Exposed: The Truth About Water
            Pat Boone Introduction


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What Liquids Are You Drinking To Provide Water To Your Body?

Change Your Water-Change Your Life
Papalaua Falls-Molokai-Hawaii

What Liquids Are You Drinking To Provide Water To Your Body?

How Much of Your Body Is Water?

The amount of water in the human body typically ranges from 60-75%.    For a person weighing 120 pounds this would mean that person is typically about 72 to 90 pounds of water. A gallon of fresh water weighs about 8.36 pounds. There are 128 ounces in a gallon so it would take 16 eight ounce glasses of water to make a gallon.

For a person weighing 200 pounds this would mean that person is typically 100 to 140 pounds water.       How important is hydration?

When is the last time you have detoxified or removed toxins from your body?


Health Testimonials   - A Must Watch

Watch and listen to “real-life” health testimonials from people who have been drinking Kangen Water. Find out why Enagic’s company slogan is “Change Your Water, Change Your Life”!


The human brain usually contains 85+% of water...
Studies have shown that if you are only 1 percent dehydrated, you will likely have a 5 percent decrease in cognitive function.


Change Your Water - Change Your Life
E;isove Corkscrew Falls in Ohio

What Liquids Are You Drinking To Provide Water To Your Body?

Are you drinking utility provided faucet tap Water? Bottled Water? Filtered Water? Sports Drinks? Sodas? Reverse osmosis water? Well water? Do you know what is in the water that you are drinking?

Do you know that the pH of the liquids you drink and the oxidizing or anti-oxidizing capacity of those liquids can affect the health and wellness of your body significantly? Has your doctor ever told you about this and told you about how much water you should drink and what pH would be better for you? I am amazed that I  have never been informed about this and I am ecstatic to learn about this in 2015.


Watch A Kangen Water Demonstration

and here are my current research posts on this technology…

Health Category


Taking Best Care of 70% of Your Body?
Waterfall Beach, Australia

From  ANYWHERE in the United States or Internationally READ  this about the world’s premier

Alkalyzed Restructured Antioxidant Kangen Water

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The Rest Of The Story About Water!



natures water

The Rest Of The Story About Water!

Since early 2015 as a result of many hours of research I have learned critically important health and medical information that could have benefited me many years ago! No one ever told me and I am so happy that I know it now. Most of us want a long healthy life and enough income to allow you to do what you want to do. If this is important to you this is a great place to take action.

My information on these topics has been obtained from reading research papers, analyses, peer reviewed documents, online articles, videos and personal interviews.

I am not a doctor or medical professional. I am only a citizen messenger that loves technology, writing, and sharing published information that has proven to be very helpful to thousands of people… based on their testimonials, including my own.

To meet the regulatory requirements of the FDA, for medical care and advice you should discuss these topics with qualified doctors. I have referred to many qualified medical doctors, opinions and research in these Posts so as to reach my conclusions and recommendations.

As Paul Harvey, the famous lunchtime radio commentator used to say…here is the rest of the story…


ANSWER:    Water- A substance composed of the chemical elements hydrogen and oxygen and existing in gaseous, liquid, and solid states.

water [Credit: Mauritius/SuperStock]


QUESTION:   Why Is Water So Important?

Here is a very practical and understandable answer…

 ANSWER:               Kat’s Health Corner

Author: “Kat” on


QUESTION: What is the best water for me to drink?

ANSWERS:      This is the $64,000 question about the very complex human body. There is no consistent answer recommended by the American medical community that I have found. I have personally interviewed (24) licensed physicians from several medical organizations and (19) were not familiar with what I believe to be the best current water available for me to drink….ionized, alkalyzed, restructured, antioxidant water.

And the brand is Kangen Water produced by Kangen Water medical devices manufactured by Enagic LTD in Japan.  They produce multiple pH values of Ionized, Alkalized, Restructured, Microbialized, Antioxidant Water. First introduced into hospitals in 1974 in Japan, they are now marketed in (67) countries around the world.

You can find as many answers to the question “what is the best water for me to drink” as there are producers and suppliers of water…of which there are thousands.  The marketplace for water is huge…everyone is a user…so the pure volume of so many available answers creates confusion for some. You can find virtually any answer you want to find..especially on Google or other search engines.

My background includes (4) years of college in Pharmacy, Exact Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Education and another (5) years in Business Management and Marketing with more than (55) years of practical business experience in many fields across the United States.  I am very pleased in the 1960’s to have written a white paper..’wouldn’t it be nice to have a computer on every engineer’s desk” and by 1970 was part of the GE Team developing the first computer aided design systems. Since I first heard of Kangen Water by Enagic LTD in January, 2015, i have again searched for the truths and especially to disprove any information that I had heard.

As a resuIt… for myself, my family, and my friends, and virtually anyone, I am convinced that I have discovered today’s truths to the answer of this question “what is the best water for me to drink” and I am sharing that with others as a mission in life. I truly want to help others and I am very confident of the information that I have collected. I am following the medical professionals and physicians that are most knowledgeable in the world on this subject and as new information develops I will be able to take proper actions if necessary. At present I consider that I have the best knowledge base in the world upon which to make my decisions.

In the first days and months after learning about Kangen Water and drinking as much pH 8.5, then pH 9.0 and then pH 9.5 as I could….I did not believe the Kangen Water Presentations that I had seen and heard… and certainly did not believe the (15) or so testimonials that I heard from people attending.  I began with the state of mind that the water would not help me and the information that I had heard was incorrect. I was in no way a believer. And the next day I began my research on the subject, most of which is now summarized and published under this Health tab. And the next day I also began my Free Trial of Kangen Water and drove (24) miles every (3) days to the Enagic Office to obtain fresh Kangen Water from their (4) medical device machines which are available for the public to access.

Surprisingly, my results from drinking Kangen Water were that I felt better, had more energy and within (65) days my severe knee arthritis pain of (9) years virtually went away. For years I could not climb stairs or enjoy a dance.  I now cut my own grass with a push mower, and take mile long walks. If you want to know my age you will need to call me and discuss more about Kangen Water…lol…but I will tell you I am old enough to know better. My entire health condition has improved significantly since beginning to drink Kangen Water…and that includes many checkups for blood pressure, heart condition, temperature, cholesterol, and my weight continues to decline. I am very pleased to have the privilege of drinking 100+ ounces each day of Kangen Water which 7,000+ Japanese doctors call “medical grade” water from medical grade devices.

And along this timeline of evaluating and researching Kangen Water… when I heard the “direct sales” compensation plan description (not MLM or multi-level marketing) and the fact that I could start a business with a relatively small investment in a Kangen Water medical device…and by sharing “free trial water” with others that I could get reimbursed totally for my purchase price…and that  subsequent purchasers from my team will bring me more compensation…I could think of no better way than this business to put the horrific, destructive, costly financial years of 2008 to 2016 behind me. To me this was a dream come true. I could personally be healthier and wealthier, help others as well as leaving a health and business legacy to my kids.

Kangen Water devices have the initial purchase price of from $1,500 to $6,000. Most readers will say wow…that is a lot…until they find that Kangen Water costs 1/10 to 1/15 the cost of bottled water. Why? Buyers are accustomed to buying their water from their water utility or by the bottle daily or weekly…and not as an investment as they would an automobile.

Such bottle water  purchases typically cost in the range of from $4 to $20 daily, $28 to $140 weekly and $120 to $600 monthly for 1-4 persons for each person to drink about (64) ounces daily. When consumers actually calculate what they are paying for bottled water per year it is typically $1,700 to $2,600+ per person. There is a chart below that gives you the comparative calculation of water from different sources for a family of four.

The myth is that somehow potential buyers of Kangen Water devices do not calculate the annual costs…which should be for (15+) years or the life costs of a Kangen Water device properly maintained. If I were to settle for buying bottled water and to provide me with the 100 ounces of alkalized, restructured, antioxidant water that I drink each day, bottled water would cost me about $186 per month or $2232 per year at $1 per (17) ounce bottle. And Enagic sends me a check for a minimum of $285 each time someone on my team shares an SD501 machine with someone new. After (9) sales on a Team, the total cost of the SD501 including tax and shipping is repaid to the purchaser…and future income is available for other purposes. See more about this below.

Why does the Enagic LTD “direct sales” model work so well?

First, only a buyer of a Kangen Water device can sell a Kangen Water device to someone else…and they will do that because they like what they bought and are willing to tell anyone how great the water is and what it has done for them. In my case, my arthritis went away, I feel better, my vital signs are better and on and on. This is called “referral marketing” and is the most effective marketing approach of any…I like it enough that I will tell anyone and everyone. We have Facebook Kangen Referral Groups all over the world now with many thousands of happy customers and a customer base of highly professional Independent Distributors who will deliver water to my prospects anywhere in the world and they will not try to take that prospect away from me. That in itself speaks to the quality of the product….and to the integrity and professionalism of the Distributors.

Second, the water once produced by any Kangen Water device is most effective in the first 60 to 72 hours as it is “ionized water” produced by filtering tap water and “ionizing and restructuring” and adding “antioxidant” properties as it moves over electronic titanium plates. How can you store this kind of water in containers and ship it to market and have it fresh and effective? You cannot. It must be fresh and produced at the Kangen Water device at the right flow speed. Flow the water too fast and you will not get the resulting water quality that you want. You cannot rely on box retail stores to produce and provide effective ionized, alkalized, restructured, antioxidant water so we take it to market by a responsible, caring, individual producing the water.

Tell me, how fresh is your bottled water? Days, weeks, months, years? Where did the water originate? Is it live or dead water? What does it contain? Bacteria? Chemicals? How do you know?


Kangen Water
Drinking Water Cost Analysis/Cost Comparison - 15 Years

So am I getting my money’s worth when I pay more for my bottled water in EPA plastic bottles than I am for my gasoline per gallon? Many call bottled water the greatest money making scheme ever. I recommend watching the movie “Tapped” found on YouTube. There are multiple sources for this movie.

A purchase of a Kangen Water medical device is a 15-20 year investment similar to the purchase of a high quality appliance or even an automobile. We are accustomed to the idea that the government should provide us with high quality water at an extremely cheap price…and for many years they did but things have changed. Our water quality in our aquifers is no longer as clean and pure as it once enjoyed. Now our metal and pvc pipes are aging and need replacing. Now our water aquifers are subject to more than a 100,000 chemicals of all types and if we are realistic with ourselves we must realize that the government cannot always supply us with high quality water under these conditions over many years.

I am convinced we must look at this kind of important purchase as a 15-year investment (some devices have lasted 22 years) and from the chart above the 15 year Kangen Water cost is about $1.15 per day for all the water you can drink (what does a bottle of designer water cost?) with a total in the $6,267 estimate over a 15 year period.   But again looking at the above chart, are you aware that you would pay $100,000 to $150,000 for some popular designer waters during the same period?  You and I are very accustomed to paying $15,000 to $60,000 to purchase an automobile which will last typically around 10-15 years…but who would ever think of initially paying $1,500 to $6,000 for a water quality device? Many are saying now that is ridiculous…the government is supposed to provide me with high quality potable, healthy water at a very inexpensive price…and why do I need to do that anyway? I will just suffer the consequences…wow… which may decrease my health and shorten my lifetime??? For those who do not read or think things through they will continue to pay exhorbitant prices for water that is destructive to their bodies.

We are in different times today about the water we drink and the chemicals we are spraying on our foods and ingesting into our bodies with sprays, deodorants, furniture protectors and on and on. Do you remember the Kanger Water pH 11.5 that removes the petroleum based chemicals that contain the pesticides that are sprayed onto our vegetables by crop dusting airplanes and mechanized spray machines?  Or what about the toxins found on our meats and fish that need to be washed off?

The truth is that we are receiving in many cases utility water that includes chemicals including chlorine, flourine and lye that are not healthy for your body. Does that make any difference to you? It does to me! Strange chemicals in my body will most likely cause me health problems and shorten my life. What is your opinion?

And then, I explain to my prospective Kangen Water medical device prospects who want to own a machine today that I have many purchase options that vary from cash, credit card, zero financing charge at $17 to $55 per month for 12-21 months, no credit check financing, and then a Good Samaritan Plan that let’s you bring a qualified buyer to the table and begin earning your own device while getting paid. If you want a Kangen Water device there is a plan to get one to you.

Fourth, and to me the most attractive financial incentive to purchase a Kangen Water medical device is the “referral compensation for referring Kangen Water devices to others”. If you agree to sign and fulfill the requirements stated on a W-9 IRS form this qualifies you as a “small business” and you will receive compensation for each “referral sale” that you make.  If you bought an SD501 Kangen Water device at $3,980 after (8 to 9) complete paid for purchases by others you will receive the total amount of your purchase in commission and your initial purchase price of your device will have been paid for. This compensation continues as your Team continues to share Kangen Water devices that are bought and paid for by others. And as your Team compensation continues this brings us to the next major reason.

Every Kangen Water device buyer will be pleased to learn that more than 70% of the purchase price of each device is returned to those who market these devices as Independent Distributors. This means the company only keeps less than 30% of the purchase price of each device for cost of goods and profitability…whereas the buyer and user and the Independent Distributor are highly motivated to share the use of these products with other people.

Fifth, by owning a Kangen Water device you now have created your own “small business” with an income producing device that offers you the benefit of producing Kangen Water and sharing it with others. In many countries around the world, citizens who typically are earning just a few hundred dollars per month are now creating excellent incomes that they were never able to do before. In the U.S. we find many Independent Distributors enjoying much improved health and also enjoying very respectable incomes as their Team of owners grow over time. Many housewives and husband-wife teams are taking care of financial responsibilities that was not possible before.

And the most rewarding benefits to me today are my increased “peace of mind” resulting from feeling much better, having more energy, being much more mobile, and believing that I am much safer that I am drinking ionized, alkalized, restructured, antioxidant water produced by the best ionizing machines produced by the leading manufacturer in the world.

I have been a victim of malignant cancer (4) times and I am now giving my body the most powerful alkaline, microbial, alkaline pH, antioxidant water in the world that I personally believe keeps my organs functioning much better as well as my body and brain hydrated. These are my personal thoughts based on my research and testimonials that I have heard. It may be that I might even avoid Alzheimer’s by more effectively hydrating my brain with microbial restructured water that permeates my organs more effectively.

Japan implemented ionized water technology in 1974 to solve many human problems then (42) years ago…and it seems to have worked very well for them. I am so very pleased that they undertook their development, and for good reasons.  Japan now ranks #1 in life longevity in the world whereas the United States ranks #34.

I believe that due to our finite supply of high quality water and the way that we are reducing and destroying that supply with more than 100,000 chemicals in our food and life chain…that in the next few years Kangen Water medical devices will experience a wave of demand across the United States and around the world.  I think we will be wise to follow the lead of many prominent individuals in the U.S. who began purchasing Kangen Water devices in 2012. This trend has continued to increase in the health and sports sector with many wellness physicians now recommending Kangen Machines to produce our water.  As the word gets out and individuals gain more confidence the acceptance will be much greater. Currently approximately 15,000 Kangen Water medical devices are purchased each month in the U.S., plus more machines purchased in Japan and other countries. They are used in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, businesses, and virtually everywhere people drink the highest quality water available.

My recommendations are for you to contact me now and to try the water on a “free trial basis” for 14-21 days…and I can most times arrange that for you around the world…we do not have to live even in the same town, state or country…I am working with future customers and distributors in Italy and Brasil now… and …I deliver water for other Independent Distributors from anywhere in the world same as they would do for me. Just contact me as shown below.  Thank you and I urge you to

“Change Your Water and Change Your Life”


QUESTION:  Do you think we are getting more healthy or less healthy?

FACTS: According to the American Cancer Society 1 of every 2 men and 1 of every 3 women will get cancer during their lifetime! 



Do you believe that the plastics that you drink from and use in the microwave could be detrimental to your health?

Do you know that the five major ocean vortexes filled with thrown away plastic containers are now affecting our food chain…perhaps even more so than theoretical global warming.

FACTS: See videos of the  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch  and four other major plastic vortexes in our oceans. Will we destroy all our ocean sea life with our throwaway plastic bottles that will not biodegrade?


Did You Know About This?
Five Major Plastic Vortexes In Our Oceans


Watch A Kangen Water Demonstration

and below are my current research posts on this technology…

Health Category Research Posts


From  ANYWHERE in the United States or Internationally READ  this about the world’s premier

Alkalyzed Restructured Antioxidant Kangen WaterSystem

and ORDER your choice of your Kangen unit online right now! Contact me so that I can share with you how you can earn your choice of Kangen Water medical device FREE! More than 10,000 new customers received their Kangen medical devices last month!


Build Your Own Kangen Water business only if you choose to do so…many just want the water benefits…

For those interested in using and sharing their Kangen Water experiences with others…as well as having their device paid for by sharing it with others….there is a wave of demand growing around the world for Kangen Water…and the successes of sharing it with others to earn income. It is not necessary for any customer to share the water or to enter into any business activity. 1.8 billion people(1) still lack access to fresh water supply and 2.5 billion people need improved sanitation. Since 1940 the world’s water use has quadrupled whilst the world’s population has only doubled.

You can join this team of satisfied users and only if you choose you can learn many methods of successful sharing by contacting me or by purchasing your Kangen Water device online and specifying Dan Norris, Independent Enagic Distributor #7299001 on your order form. I will assist you anywhere in the world to build your own profitable Kangen Water sharing business.

Many Kangen Water drinkers are so pleased with their results they want to share how they feel with others. And Enagic has a very generous, unique patented referral plan that is helping people enjoy financial independence they had never imagined. I will help you with many methods of doing this…and if you are interested…check out this latest automated marketing method that I will give to you free and teach you how to use it…

Join the 1% with a free automated marketing system!


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