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Simply put, identity theft is the use of someone’s personal information without their permission. Identity theft can be used to obtain new lines of credit, exploit existing credit cards or bank accounts, obtain a mortgage, file a fraudulent tax return, use your social security number, use your driver’s license number, use your medical records and identification, and to act and live as you by using your name and identity.

And now that we are in the Christmas Season…Identity Theft is becoming increasingly more dangerous than ever! I invite you to check out the reports below which were released in the last few days by just one newspaper…
This post shares many examples of actual identity theft cases with you so that you can understand the cunning and severity of those who can steal from you. As you realize the risk that you and your family face with the
highest rate and most expensive crime in the U.S., then I describe and show you how to protect yourself with the best identity theft shield available…with restorattion to your original status.
Here are (8) reports of Identity Theft in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel!
Not sure how anyone can continue to ignore the risks of losing their identity, especially
when it takes 2-3 years and many hours of work to restore your identity unless it is done
by a professional who knows where all your data resides in the world. It is time that we
“smartened up” and paid some attention to identity theft especially.

Go to the link below to read the (8) articles…they are all very interesting…excellent reporting on the part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporting staff. Identity theft needs all the publicity and awareness that it can get…for 12 years in a row now the largest consumer complaint reported to the FTC.

identity theft »

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  - ‎10 hours ago‎
(BPT) - With millions of Americans slated to gain access to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, many may find themselves unknowingly at risk for medical identity theft, a crime that costs the country $41.3 billion annually. In the United States,
Pioneer Press  - ‎1 hour ago‎
A security breach at Nationwide Insurance has exposed the names, Social Security numbers and other personal information of more than 98,000 Minnesotans to identity thieves, the state Department of Commerce said Monday, Dec. 10. Columbus
Ventura County Star  - ‎Dec 8, 2012‎
“Any case of identity fraud involving a child is distressing because it can be a terrible experience for families and the child involved with serious consequences,” said Ann Wallace, president of the Identity Theft Assistance Center, one of the co
KEPR 19  - ‎18 minutes ago‎
TRI-CITIES, WA - The KEPR Crime Tracker is looking into identity theft here in the Tri-Cities. We learned it’s being reported to police less often in Pasco and Kennewick, but that doesn’t mean the crime is happening less often.
eWeek  - ‎Dec 7, 2012‎
Medical identity theft is a real threat and is on the rise, according to an annual survey on health care data security by the Ponemon Institute, a company that conducts research on privacy and data in multiple industries.
WFXL FOX 31  - ‎Dec 8, 2012‎
Chances are if you car, TV, or computer were stolen, you would notice pretty quickly, but what about your Identity? “Identity theft or credit card theft can occur without you knowing it,” said Detective Catoa Baldwin, of the Albany police department
Auto Credit Express (blog)  - ‎Dec 8, 2012‎
People with bad credit probably don’t understand that as their credit scores improve so does the possibility that they could become the victims of identity theft. Here at Auto Credit Express we realize this because we’ve spent the past two decades (registration)  - ‎4 hours ago‎


LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services, both of which are 40+ year old companies, developed a joint agreement in 2003 to market an Identity Theft Shield membership product that is considered by many as the best available product on the market. Kroll Investigative Services, having some 32 international offices around the world, employs licensed investigators who have typically been members of the FBI or CIA. The identity Theft Shield protection was developed by Kroll to fill these  kind of protection needs for Fortune 500 companies, and more than 35% of these class of companies offer this protection to their employees today on a voluntary benefit basis, More and more companies, both large and small, are realizing these are important benefits to their employees and are beginning to offer them.

These licensed investigators, using limited time power of attorneys, restore your identity with all of the proper agencies, credit bureaus, and data bases,  so that you do not have to use your personal time, money, travel expenses, emotional energy, and help you avoid filling out request forms for reimbursement as some firms do. I describe this service to be provided by professionals who know what they are doing, are well-trained and experienced, and the costs seem to be far less than competitive pricing. On a standalone basis the cost per month is $12.95 for the primary partner and supporting partner, with $1 total being added for all children with up to (4) protected at any one time. With a LegalShield Family Legal Plan at $17 or $26 per month your cost is $9.95 per month, with the $1 addition for children. You can begin your LegalShield/Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield membership immediately by going to this site…

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After completing the information requested on this site within 24-36 hours you will be provided with your membership number that entitles you to full access to your identity theft services. Upon receipt of your membership number which I will provide personally to you, you may contact Kroll Investigative Services for unlimited questions and discussions. Your request will be responded to by a qualified, licensed investigator within 8 hours of your request.

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Identity Theft and Unique Restoration By Licensed Investigators

Identity Theft and Unique Restoration By Licensed Investigators

As a former financial advisor, I consistently recommended that individuals and families fully protect themselves with an effective risk management program.  This included health insurance, disability income insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, umbrella insurance, and life insurance, plus other coverages like long term care,  when needed.

I now also recommend that every individual, couple, and family including business owners also now have a comprehensive, economical, effective identity theft package..with RESTORATION of IDENTITY. Why? Because you can lose your financial independence… and you absolutely want to protect your name, your assets and your loved ones personal identification. .

An individual and family can be devastated by the loss of their identity. It may require years of effort to restore identity…if it can be done. The average individual cannot make all the necessary phone calls and personal visits across the U.S. and internationally, as well as the apply the time and energy needed to complete the corrections. Your money and assets can be taken away from you and never recovered.

The reasons for having strong identity theft protection today also recognizes that there are more incidents of damage to citizens for identity theft than that of all other protection policies that we carry. Unfortunately these incidents of identity theft do not include scams by foreigners. Our federal government has thrown up their hands and will not even help you one iota in case you get involved in a Nigerian, African or other country international scam.

Have you known a friend or relative who has been the victim of identity theft?

Have you personally been involved in an identity theft?

If not, you are very fortunate. Hopefully it never happens to you or your friends or family.h

The Federal Trade Commission reported in March of 2011 that Identity Theft is the greatest consumer complaint of all and has been now for the last 12 years. More than 9 million cases were reported in 2010 and more than 11 million cases occurred in 2011, up 13% from 2010.. Thieves have discovered that identity theft crimes are more lucrative than drug crimes… and far less risky. Unfortunately only about 5% of the perpetrators ever get punished… and they don’t stand the risk of gang warfare.

Some 30,000+ people in the U.S. wake up each day to learn that their identity has been stolen. That is a horrendous number of people… about 3% of our population have their identity stolen each year.

Anyone can be a victim of identity theft. There is really no way to prevent it from happening. The question is… once stolen, how long will it take for the victim to become aware of the act? What protections if any does the victim have in place to initiate alerts so that actions can be taken to stop the intended thefts? How does one restore their identity in case it has been stolen? How long does identity restoration take? Usually years! Can you restore your identity by someone mailing you the forms for a “do it yourself” approach across the U.S and internationally?  Will all your assets in your bank accounts be accessible to you during the restoration? It is important that you obtain an identity theft package that includes restoration of your identity…not just an insurance policy where they mail you the forms for you to do the work and get reimbursed partially for your efforts. Do you believe that you are capable of restoring your own identity if stolen? It is estimated that there are more than 25 agencies across the U.S. and internationally that need contacting in order to restore your identity and to assure that your background is fully restored.

Many think that identity theft occurs only with Financial Transactions. Unfortunately this is only one of five major types of Identity Theft Loss. Others include Drivers Licenses, Social Security Numbers, Medical Information, and Character/Criminal Actions. For example, children are especially susceptible through the use of their Social Security numbers which are available from hospital and other personal records from time of birth. If a thief can use a social security number for 18 or more years before being discovered then a tremendous amount of damage can be done to that young person’s financial credibility and status.

Another major identity theft crime is the false filing for another person’s income tax refund made possible through theft of a person’s social security number. In many cases we find that a criminal has filed for more than 50 different social security numbers and the owner’s tax refunds. Another example is being stopped by a police officer while driving out of state late at night. The officer looks at your Drivers License and sees that several individuals with this same drivers license number are wanted for criminal actions in many states. The officer may need to arrest you based on this conflicting data. How do you stop an arresting officer from placing you in jail when your driver’s license number has been used fraudulently by someone else. Since this is a criminal offense, you must have an attorney intervene in the arrest process in order to keep you from being jailed. Under what circumstances are you entitled to hear your Miranda Rights? Can you have an attorney to protect you in the middle of the night for cases like this? For answers to these questions you can request information below in the form.

LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Solutions

I sincerely recommend that you protect yourself for identity theft, including your children, and when you do so, be sure to look for an identity theft package that does not just mail you the do-it-yourself forms for you to correct the issues, but includes their own staff of licensed investigators using power of attorneys and working with very reputable provider attorney firms. This is quite different from you doing the work and requesting reimbursement after the work is completed. In many cases you will not qualify for reimbursement from an insurance policy that has exclusions. To protect  yourself and your loved ones, including your children,  with the LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield protective memberships you can sign up for and begin these memberships now by clicking on this site…


LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield

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