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How Important Is Protecting Your Personal Identity?


Is it important to protect your identity?

Child Identity Theft
1 in 40 Are Victims-see studies below
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So you consider yourself a very responsible person right? Do you ever procrastinate about something you should have done years ago? How about this one?

Let me ask you a very personal question? Which is more important to you…having an affordable health care insurance policy or protecting your personal identity information?

Wow…really a tough question. Most have never even considered the two together. Lack of either can destroy all the assets that you have ever accumulated…plus more! My answer is that they are both vital to our successful existance in today’s society! We really don’t want to lose either one do we? We just don’t pay as much attention to identity theft…unless we lose it and then it is catastrophic…we can’t get a prescription or some therapy to cure the malady… identity theft is usually catastrophic.

How Important Is Protecting Your Personal Identity?

I write many posts on the subject of protecting your personal identity….like  How Much Is Your Identity Worth?”…because I am convinced that it is one of the best things that I can do for $13 to $25 per month to have someone constantly monitoring all of my key personal data and that has a staff of investigative professionals who can work around the world to restore my identity in case it gets stolen. For your own protection I invite you to take a look at the Identity Theft Shield banner on the right margin and bottom of this page and compare those offerings against all others on the market.

Have you noticed that most all of the talk show hosts also offer a solution for identity theft? Why? Surely to pay the bills… but more importantly…We all believe that we are providing something that you vitally need to protect you…as a valuable service…the way of the great American capitalistic market!



How Much Does Identity Theft Cost? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Jolie O’dell      January 28/ 2011

Online fraud and related crime is on the rise, affecting more lives and costing individuals and businesses more money year after year.

Not too long ago, we showed you what identity theft and online fraud costs from the criminals’ point of view. For example, a cybercriminal could set up a fake online store, designed to steal e-mail addresses, passwords, names and credit card numbers, for between $30 and $300.

But what do these kinds of theft cost consumers?

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Identity Theft Victim Statistics

Approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totalling upwards of $50 billion.*

On a case-by-case basis, that means approximately 7% of all adults have their identities misused with each instance resulting in approximately $3,500 in losses.

Close to 100 million additional Americans have their personal identifying information placed at risk of identity theft each year when records maintained in government and corporate databases are lost or stolen.
These alarming statistics demonstrate identity theft may be the most frequent, costly and pervasive crime in the United States.

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Identity Theft Assistance Center

Research and Statistics

The ITAC database of identity theft cases is a valuable resource for those seeking a greater understanding of the causes and consequences of identity theft. ITAC periodically conducts surveys of identity theft victims and shares information with policymakers, academics, and journalists. ITAC partners with academia on projects related to fraud and identity theft.

  • 2012 Child Identity Fraud Report
  • FTC: Identity theft retains its throne as No.1 worst scourge in Top 10 consumer complaint list
  • FTC Reference Desk
  • Ponemon Institute
  • Javelin Strategy and Research
  • University of Texas Center for Identity
  • Anti-Phishing Working Group
  • 2010 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon RISK Team and US Secret Service)
  • Privacy Rights Clearing House
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics (US Department of Justice)

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Identity Theft

Federal Trade Commission Website
The South Street Police Station, Philadelphia, PA

Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States today. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. By learning about this problem, you can learn crime prevention tips as well as what to do in the event that you become a victim.

Who has access to your information?
 Family members
 Complete strangers

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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft