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Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy?

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Do you  agree that without our health, our wealth is unimportant…except for the legacy that we leave for others! And the capability to pay our medical bills and purchase care from others.  If you are like me you want to avoid the sickness and caretaking as long as possible.

Do you know that a lot of people run the other way when someone personally offers them helpful information? And most of the time people run the other way because they think someone is trying to sell them something? We are conditioned to buy as a result of advertisements, specials on price, doctors recommendations, and many of us really like our best friends referrals. That is my preferred method.

What if these people who are running away could really benefit from what they could learn? It doesn’t matter does it? These people running away have been conditioned to avoid anyone who might be selling something…even if it could benefit them in many ways. Shopping Centers, stores, advertisers, merchandisers, mlm sellers and more have conditioned us to avoid “direct sellers” at all costs just as if they had the plague! Also, you must be aware that the media and corporate advertisers control the information that we see and certainly influence our thinking processes.

This is very unfortunate because home based businesses in the country are important to millions of unemployed people or people wanting to supplement their income…as well as to our overall economy! Are you one of those? I am! Are you aware that 95%+ of all our businesses are small businesses? Small businesses are critical to our economy.

Would you prefer that your friend or neighbor with a home based business be able to pay their mortgage and put food on their tables…or do you prefer that much of what you pay go to advertising, taxes, to pay multi-million dollar salaries to corporate executives and to the stockholders?

There are companies that do not pay for any advertising or promotion, or expensive corporate executives and board of directors. Enagic USA LTD  is one of those companies.

I have found that most people will not read something for more than 3 minutes unless they have heard it from someone they know and respect.  Don’t take my word for it! Validate for yourself and learn more!

Here is the reason for this site…to ask you to see if this could be important to you…

Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy?


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Keys To A Successful Home Based Business!

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This post is to share my ideas about the

“keys to a successful home based business!”


If you are thinking about or are already running your home based business I recommend that you read these recommendations and determine if they have been considered in your present or future business. My experiences say that these considerations  are critical to achieving major success in your own business.

If you have followed my posts for the last few days you will remember that the latest data reveals that only about 3% of those working on the internet have broken even and made as much money as they have invested. Right now some 32 million people are working on the internet without making any profit and wondering why? This is supposed to be simple!

Next you would remember the 80/20 rule where some 20% of the U.S. population continues to educate and retrain themselves in order to be employed successfully. And because they take this action they typically wind up with the jobs.

There are at least three other major considerations regarding business success that I would like to share with you regarding your new or future home based business.

The first major consideration is that to make the 3% or the 20% categories of success above that it will be very important to associate yourself with a team of professionals that can and will give you ongoing guidance and advice as you work to make your business successful. A business is an ongoing process, not an isolated event, and advice, decisions, corrections and actions must be taken daily to assure success and avoid failure.

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The second key consideration is for you to have a proven marketing system that will generate adequate prospects for your business so that buyers will generate the sales volume to produce the desired profits to sustain your business. How many buyers will you need at the price levels of your products and services to generate needed profitability? How many prospects will you need to have consider your products and services to produce the number of buyers that you will need? How many prospects will turn out to be buyers?

Online Jobs From Home

The final major consideration is the amount of start-up cash  and ongoing
working money that you can invest in your business. Do you have $100 to $500 minimum as start-up money and will you be able to invest $100 or more per month in the necessary expenses that any business faces? These are minimum amounts, however unless you can set aside these amounts to assure success I would recommend that you find a way to provide the funds through loans or begin savings now.

Build Your Business!

I have a very favorite saying that I repeat to myself from time-to-time and that is…”you don’t know what you don’t know” which means to me that you can either work with someone who does know or you can find these things out on your own by experience. It is a lot more fun to follow a successful, proven approach with someone who you can trust and have confidence in working alongside.

It would be a pleasure to work with you if these considerations make sense to you and you are ready to get started. Get in touch with me now to discuss what you want to accomplish! Contact me on email at dannorris42@gmail.com or call me on 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant