Lawsuit abuse is having a devastating impact on our society.

Reality is not easy to face in many cases. We really just wish that some of the insanity in our society would go away and we would not have to endure the truth. Recently I have posted several articles as to why legal protection plans can be vital for yourselves and your small business. This week I learned of the following website called Faces of Lawsuit which is truly displaying the faces of many who have been shocked by abusive lawsuits. I invite you to visit both their website and their Facebook page to become aware of the awful results of what so many people are facing.

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The Last Week: How Lawsuits Killed an American Iconth_c948bcc9b25d8f67a74abae10eb0e1df_1354686804ScreenShot2012-12-04at11.52.35PM.png

At its peak, Blitz USA, the 50-year-old producer of three out of every four portable gas cans nationwide, employed 350 people in the small town of Miami, Oklahoma. But over the last decade, a wave of costly litigation took its toll, and lawsuits finally drove the company out of business…

Lawsuit abuse is having a devastating impact on our society.

Key Facts:

      73% of voters say lawyers benefit the most from lawsuits; only 4% say victims do.

Election night poll of 800 voters conducted on November 4, 2008 by Public Opinion Strategies

      83% of voters say the number of frivolous lawsuits is a serious problem.

Election night poll of 800 voters conducted on November 4, 2008 by Public Opinion Strategies

Three-quarters of all small business owners in America are concerned they might be the target of a frivolous or unfair lawsuit. Of those who are most concerned, six in ten say the fear of lawsuits makes them feel more constrained in making business decisions generally, and 54 percent say lawsuits or the threat of lawsuits forced them to make decisions they otherwise would not have made.
Small Businesses: How the Threat of Lawsuits Impacts Their Operations


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The Legal Needs of American Families - Newly Released White Papers

White Paper Research Study

Press Releases
PR Newswire
DALLAS, Nov. 27, 2012
New Study Shows Need, Demand for Legal Services By Working Americans and Families

Study Identifies Cost and Confusion as Barriers to Getting Needed Legal Help


Study Identifies Cost and Confusion as Barriers to Getting Needed Legal Help



New Study Shows Need, demand for Legal Services by Working Americans and Families

Study Identifies Cost and Confusion as Barriers to Getting Needed Legal Help.

White Papers Available for Individuals and for Group Benefits




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Woman Chases Down Identity Thief - Good Morning America+

Karen Lodrick

When you invest a few minutes on the subject of identity theft….which should be at the top of your priority list for you and those that you love…we can find some very interesting information. I found this incredible story yesterday about a young woman in San Francisco that recognized from bank videos the person in Starbucks that stole her identity…and chased down her identity thief through the streets of San Francisco…no easy task…and called 911…asked a cab driver to stop because the woman was a thief…and the police came and arrested her…the victim showed incredible courage and determination to have this person arrested.  This brave and determined young woman victim is named Karen Lodrick…and you can begin to learn about her here…she is a heroic young woman!

Fortunately, the San Francisco media heard the story and it was reported on Good Morning America in the following filmclip…

Karen Lodrick on Good Morning America

As you heard in the video, the thief received 43 days  in jail and 3 months probation…a trifling sentence for all the trauma that she put Karen through.  This is incredibly unfair to the victim…and it sends no message to the thief that if you do this you will be punished. Until we recognize the seriousness of and punish criminals for these kinds of crimes on our fellow man, then we will only see an increase in the activity.

It seems to me that our country should be focused on the welfare and security of the U.S. citizens no matter what the circumstances. However, our focus has declined to that of providing for those who can game or beat the is an identity thief who has taken horrendous advantage of someone else’s financial welfare….and essentially has no punishment. Is this what we are promoting in America?..Take what you can if you can get away with it? There should be serious laws and regulations to deal with identity theft. It does not even get enough serious attention of the media, this story being a wonderful exception, much less the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government. This country has a wonderful Constitution that protects the rights of it’s citizens….we need to make sure that our politicians ensure these rights and our media is responsible to the citizens consistently.

Karen Lodrick has proceeded to become an advocate, teacher, and speaker about Identity Theft. Her life will never be the same since that event. And she is one of the few that at least caught the perpetrator. And because of our laws…there was minimum justice.

It is highly recommended that you inform yourself and your friends that there are alternative identity theft protection  which is much preferred by those who have been informed about the differences.  Once someone’s identity has been stolen, the preferable solution is restoration to the original status before the theft. This includes credit positions, positions with banks, drivers licenses, social security numbers, medicare records, medical records, and many agencies that have your data. Very few people are aware that preventing identity theft is virtually impossible.  Even more do not realize what courses of action must be taken once their identity has been stolen. Very few people realize that in order to restore your identity that it will take many hours and typically years of effort to contact all of the parties that have your identity data that may have been negatively impacted. Do you know in how many digital data bases your personal identity resides? And in what locations, companies, government agencies, hospitals, employers, stores, suppliers could your data be located?

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I sincerely recommend that you protect yourself for identity theft, including your children, and when you do so, be sure to look for an identity theft package that does not just mail you the do-it-yourself forms for you to correct the issues, but includes their own staff of licensed investigators using power of attorneys and working with very reputable provider attorney firms. This is quite different from you doing the work and requesting reimbursement after the work is completed. In many cases you will not qualify for reimbursement from an insurance policy that has exclusions. To protect  yourself and your loved ones, including your children,  with the LegalShield and Kroll Investigative Services Identity Theft Shield protective memberships you can sign up for and begin these memberships now by clicking on this site…


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