Success 2013- What is your Plan B?

Success 2013-
What is your Plan B?

“Plan B” is a musical group in the UK. The song is “She Said” plus others on the album.

Plan B -She Said


What is your Plan B?

So life is cool right…you are on top of the world….you have this great income producing job…and you are not even thinking about this subject “What is your Plan B” or whatever….or maybe you have a job that is providing you with 32 hours per week, and this is not enough to pay all the bills, and certainly not enough to save any money for vacation, retirement, education and other preferred lifestyles? What is your Plan B?

And if you don’t have a Plan B then you are a really good prospect to go over the financial cliff!

So let’s talk about solutions for those who want more ok…just bottom line that you can pursue part time or full time…whatever your situation and circumstances require.

To the short and sweet…what happens if your employer goes bottom up tomorrow? Do you care? Does this affect your life or just your weekly pay check? Have you made any alternate plans in case your primary employer is forced out of business, is sold to another company, or your job is no longer needed. What is your Plan B?

It is really cool to have a Plan B! What that means is in case your primary income ceases it is exceptionally desired and rewarding to have another income stream to kick in and take up the slack. Let me acquaint you with meaningful, easy to implement options for Plan B. This blog contains many posts that describe several options for part or full time employment. My favorite option is described below in the flashing ad…”Are You On The Road To Nowhere”? This is my primary income generating options and I create additional income streams with my blogging, copywriting, and attraction marketing businesses on the internet.

Many have found this this be an excellent part-time or full-time income opportunity. It certainly can help fund your needs with your current Plan A and if Plan A is no longer productive…then Plan B is right there waiting for you. And by the way, my Plan B provides multiple income streams, including residual income that can be willed two levels deep into your family…that means possible college funding for your grandchildren.

I invite you  to take a good look and let me hear from you.

Thank you,

Dan Norris





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