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Topic of the day:  Everyday thousands of Americans receive a traffic ticket, which could be a speeding ticket, a ticket for failure to stop completely at a stop sign, a ticket for being involved in an accident,  a parking ticket or traffic violations of some type for which they must pay fines. suffer point penalties and pay increased insurance premiums.

In the case of  traffic tickets the violator must either go to court on the scheduled date or pay the fines required online. Also the court usually assigns points to the driver for  the violation, and then the auto insurance company typically increases the cost of insurance on the automobile by an amount $60 or more per month for usually three years.  So in Florida, a traffic ticket that typically costs a minimum of $160 and usually at least receives a 3 point penalty for the violation, and a resulting insurance cost increase of $60 per month for 36 months, so this traffic infraction usually involves at least a typical total cost of about          $2, 320…or more.


“So what” you may say…there is nothing that you can do about any of this…you either go to court and fight paying the ticket or you just pay online and suffer the usual consequences.

Now you may say… “that you and your partner and possibly children are so well behaved that this would never happen to you”. The truth is, we can all be very careful drivers and also receive tickets that we may not even deserve. I hear that “quotas” for traffic tickets by police officers have increased so as to provide needed revenues to run government.


Pay Speeding Tickets

From my own experience I have received two traffic tickets in the last 3 years as a result of what I call “traps”. In the first trap I was charged with not coming to a complete stop before a right hand turn at a 3 way stop…heading into a dead end street at the end of a golf course.  The second was a violation of proceeding straight ahead after completely stopping at an intersection as opposed to turning right only. Unfortunately a motorcycle policeman was watching me. Both tickets had a cost of $167 each plus 3 points assigned for each ticket.

Fortunately, I am a member of LegalShield, a legal service that I pay $26 monthly for a significant amount of legal representation. I had not been a member of LegalShield for 15 days when my first ticket occurred, so I wound up paying the ticket cost however they helped me avoid the 3 point penalty and resulting insurance increase cost. For my second ticket a LegalShield attorney represented me in court, some 70 miles away, and was successful in getting the ticket totally dismissed at no cost to me. These two LegalShield legal representations saved me enough money for me to pay for my LegalShield services for 89 months or more than 7 years. This is just one of the many legal services that are included by LegalShield, even with the $17 per month legal plan that only differs in the amount of court representation by a LegalShield attorney in case you are sued…either 300 hours over 5 years or 335 hours over 5 years.


So how can you benefit from what you have just read and learned?

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Dan Norris

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