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Save Money On Vital Personal Needs!

I don’t know anyone who does not like to save money! And especially if you can save money on vital personal needs that is even better. Right?

Ok, today I have the opportunity of sharing with you how to save money on three vital personal need areas that absolutely every one of my readers needs…or at least two of the three, and most likely all three. For some readers they will be excited to move ahead now once they know what is available to them, for another group of readers the timing is not right yet (procrastination?) however in the future they will absolutely take advantage of two if not three, and then the third group will find a way to rationalize why none of these will ever be important to them. And this is why I emphasize the importance of critical decision making skills.

And that is fine! My self-imposed responsibility to you is to provide valuable information to you for your evaluation and decision process. It goes back to the proposition that if you are going to take advantage of something then you must know about it first! If you already know about this then write that in the comments and let me know ok.

The final consideration is that I am making available information for you to request, read, view and evaluate for yourself. There is some effort on your part to request and read about the specific details on these subjects including how much you can save, what the products and services consist of, and how to go about obtaining the services. If you are serious about achieving financial independence you will be serious about reading this information. Please disregard all the shiny things in front of you and pay some serious attention…avoid the distractions of this 32 second attention span society!

Now I will give you the three personal need areas and a brief description of why it should be as important to you as they are to me.

First Need…

Do you have your Will, Living Will, and Health Care Power of Attorney documents prepared yet? Does your spouse or partner? (These are known as Estate Planning documents…and you may even want to consider Trust documents depending on your financial circumstances.) The reason that I bring this up is because of this study…Published in 2007, Harris Interactive® for Martindale-Hubbell® conducted a research study finding that for the last three years, 55% of all adult Americans do not have a will. Only one in three African American adults (32 percent) and one in four Hispanic American adults (26 percent) have wills, compared to more than half (52 percent) of white American adults.

Do you know that if you die without a Will that the Courts will use Probate Laws to distribute your wealth, including deciding the custody of your non-adult children? Do you consider yourself a responsible, prudent adult? Have you done anything about these issues yet? Now is the time to take action!

Would you be interested in knowing how to solve this issue very economically for yourself… and your spouse or partner? If so, then click on the banner ad below.

And you can also request the E-Book on Law Firm Needs on this page.

Second Need…

Have you ever received a traffic violation citation? Has your spouse or partner? Have any of your non-adult children ever received a citation? More importantly now, is it possible that any of you could receive a citation in the future? Would you like for a qualified attorney to represent any of you or your family in court for a future violation should it ever occur? If so you must prepare for this event as there is a qualification period. Are you aware that if you receive points on your drivers license as a result of a convicted violation that your automobile insurance is likely to increase by $60-$70 per month for 36 months? The math says that this is more than a $2,100 increase in your premiums for 3 years….how do you feel about that?

And if someone in your family should ever be charged with vehicular homicide or similar charges, does your automobile insurance provide you with legal representation in court? In some cases representation costs are more than $100,ooo. Does your cash reserve cover this?

Would you be interested in knowing how to solve this issue very economically for yourself… and your family? If so, then click on the banner ad above. And you can also request the E-Book on Law Firm Needs.

Third Need…

Have you considered starting your own business or do you currently have a business of any kind? Would you like to be provided with and implement a proven marketing system, learn and implement Attraction Marketing skills, learn and implement Blogging skills…all for less than an initial investment of $175? My personal estimate of the long-term value of these two items is over 7 figures. Many people have paid an initial investment of more than $25,000 for much, much less in value.

Would you be interested in knowing how to do this? Then at the top right of this page request and read the free copy of the 7 Lies of Network Marketing, and then the Attraction Marketers Manifesto that is also free.

Please contact me at any time.

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