Lincoln The Movie-Opinion-Restore Your Confidence In The U.S and the Constitution!

On my birthday today I saw the movie LINCOLN,  and in my opinion this is one of the best movies of the century! Directed by Stephen Spielberg, the movie grabs your attention from the very beginning…and I saw many watchers stay in their seats for 3-5 minutes after the movie ended… not wanting to leave the tremendous performance of an outstanding cast of characters….all focused on recapturing the Congress passage of the 13th Constitutional Amendment.  This was a history making landmark event that every American should have the opportunity to see and appreciate.

I invite you to go to this link…. to see the sponsors and cast of this movie.

As you view this movie, I think your confidence will be restored in the power and truth of our United States Constitution. For those lawmakers and politicians that believe in the Constitution and giving truth to the American  people, we will always support them. For those politicians that lie and try to avoid the Constitution in my opinion they are destined to fail and to be destructive to our country.

Abraham Lincoln believed in the Constitution, believed in truth and a strong belief in God for this country, and the citizens loved him. Unfortunately he paid the ultimate price for living according to his convictions and doing every thing that he could to protect and grow this country. I pray that we could now have this kind of leadership, belief in the Constitution and the interests of the American people, by the current leadership of our country.

Equally as important for American citizens to watch is the movie, Obama 2016. You won’t find it in local theaters very often because there is a move to keep the movie unknown. I have yet to see any of the major media even mention the movie. I saw it in August 2012 and it solidified my beliefs in where this country is now being led. I invite you to do a search on The Movie, Obama 2016 and determine if you can see it in a theatre or whether it is necessary to buy a DVD. I just did a search and found that it is now a free download. In my opinion this is a comparison of current presidential leadership that is in stark contrast to the highly respected Abraham Lincoln.

I hope that you will first watch this movie… LINCOLN! and give repect to this man!

Merry Christmas!

Dan Norris

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