Law of Attraction – Build It and They Will Come!

Today’s topic is about a “Marketing System” built on the principles of the “Law of Attraction”.

Attraction Marketing

There are two key examples of the “Law of Attraction” that I like to point to in order to give the reader a point of reference for my information.

The first example is the movie called Field of Dreams, a 1989 American fantasy-drama film, that received three Academy Award Nominations. The story is about building a baseball stadium in the middle of a farm field.  The second example is The Law of Attraction. A book and movie are available on the topic and you can watch the full length video on YouTube.

As an avid student and practitioner of many marketing approaches the concept of Attraction Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Article and Video Marketing are all  very appealing to me as compared to harassment Marketing, Interruption Marketing, Warm List Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Telephone Marketing, Shotgun Marketing, Ambush Marketing, Article Marketing,  Alliance Marketing, TV and Radio Marketing and on and on with many more types that are many times so boring and redundant. I find myself watching three or more programs on the TV just to avoid the commercial breaks on my primary program.

Law of Attraction

To cite my preferences, tv commercials, cold calls, radio commercials, and calling on your warm market including your family and friends, are absolutely not my most enjoyable ways to invest time…at least for me.  And in our buying process most of us prefer to deal with a company and people that we know or that we can develop confidence in very rapidly. This approach is called “Relationship Marketing” and known to be the most effective marketing method currently in use. Now if this is the best possible marketing method how do we implement this concept to appeal to the millions of internet users that we do not know? Here is where the appeals of “Attraction Marketing” kick in. As human beings we have an insatiable desire for knowledge, and the internet provides us with an incredibly wonderful tool to share information. The concept of a marketer generating “content” that people are interested in reading… about goods and services that people want and need…and then providing goods and services of value to these readers is a basic description of “Attraction Marketing.”

If “Attraction Marketing” is of interest to you I suggest that you read the following free document authored by the leader and teacher of more than 350,000 people on this subject, Ann Sieg.  With her partner Ty Tribble, leading U.S. blogger, I am enjoying immensely learning about the art and science of prospective customers finding what they want.

Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto

Under the Attraction Marketing tab on my blog pages, you will find many posts on this subject. And I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you about them.

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


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