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Amazing….Magical….These are the words that are used by Kangen Water medical quality device owners to describe the valuable benefits of Kangen Water which many of us enjoy.  Change Your Water – Change Your Life! Kangen Water was first developed in 1974 in Japan in hospitals by Japanese doctors and medical personel. The citizens of Japan were so pleased with the results that they requested from Enagic LTD that a similar home water machine be developed for non-hospital use. Now more than 1/6 of all homes in Japan enjoy a Kangen Water Machine…plus they are in use in restaurants, hotels, businesses, by nutritionists, many doctors, chiropractors and more…in more than 172 countries.

The benefits are so numerous and so worthwhile in the opinions of users that we believe everyone should try Kangen Water now to see if they think it could be good for them as well …we sincerely ask you to consider this question…why subject your body to chemicals and pesticides in tap and bottled water that can cause irreparable damage which you can’t see?

Why do we read about the risks and ignore them? And the benefits of Kangen Water provide much more than protection against destructive chemicals and pesticides.  Why does anyone pay incredibly more for water that is destroying their bodies?

And you can get reimbursed totally for your own personal kitchen counter alkalizing, micro clustering, restructuring, antioxidant, hydrating water unit plus more income by sharing with others…like I am doing here. Wouldn’t it be nice if all vendors gave us this opportunity…to get your purchase money back just because you liked the product and shared your feelings with others? And wait…you don’t know the “rest of the story” yet…and there is much more for you to learn!

Is ignoring the facts your best option or would you like to enjoy a much better option? Sigmund Freud says all life is about the “Pain and Pleasure Principal”…we want more pleasure and less pain…and I can strongly vouch from personal experience that this is a much more pleasureful option at much less costs than poor health… and a lot more gain.

Kangen Water devices produce very healthy water from your kitchen tap water source for 1/10th or less than anyone pays for any bottled water… and avoids the harmful pesticides and chemicals from both…and reduces BPA leaching issues plus the horrific plastic trash ocean vortexes. Do you know about BPA? If you don’t know you sure need to find out!

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Check our cost comparison chart over a 15 year period and compare the huge cost differences…15 year analysis of annual costs of Kangen Water devices are less than $1.25 per day with an unlimited amount of gallons of water for many purposes per day like making your home green (and some Kangen machines are in use after 22 years).

And that is just for drinking water. Many Kangen Water medical quality device owners have eliminated all chemicals in their homes by using pH 2.5 (Strong Acetic Water), pH 4.5-6.0 (Beauty Water), pH 7.0 (Neutral Water), pH 8.5, pH 9.0 and pH 9.5 (Kangen Alkalized Drinking Waters) and pH 11.5 (Strong Alkalized Kangen Water). Do you think you could save any money by no longer buying any chemicals for your home? Do you think your environment may be healthier? Why not go to Amazon and read many of Dr. Peggy Parker’s books and see what she strongly recommends to clean up your home! It is incredible! Do you truly want a green environment? Why not start in your own home? What about your external body? How about those sprays you spray on your body and the lotions containing chemicals for your face and other?

And if you are interested in getting your machine totally free after your purchase then elect to share your water and opinions with others by signing a W-9 Form, no charge, and your machine purchase is completely reimbursed after sharing about 8 or 9 Model SD501 or K8 Kangen Water devices with others as they become users as I am doing with you here now. I wish my auto dealer would rebate my new auto purchase price if I referred my friends and others to his business! This is a creative unique, patented method of doing business that is intended to reward those who market the products. And the business gives back 72% of the purchase price to Independent Distributors and their Teams to reward them for their marketing efforts. This is huge! And the world is just learning about it…now in 172 countries worldwide. These are the advantages of direct selling marketing…manufacturer to user…as compared to sharing costs with many intermediate companies or individuals that do a small portion of taking products to market. Direct Selling permits rewarding those who take products to market.

Many buyers around the world are excited to leverage their small investment in a Kangen Water device by sharing water to create a 6 and 7 figure income working from their home…while most could never afford a $100k to $500k+ investment to start their own small business to accomplish the same thing. Being a former financial advisor… it is rare that anyone can leverage an investment that costs 1/4th the price of an economical automobile…and turn it into an ongoing annual income of $100,000 or more…can you believe this?  In the United States there are many tax advantages of starting and running your own business. Many Kangen Water users around the world are starting their own business by building a team with sharing the water free for a few days.

There are many competitors in the market that claim to offer the same benefits at less costs than the Kangen Water devices, however, the selective, astute buyer will evaluate carefully these claims and avoid having to purchase a second machine because they were technically naive and mistaken, and regretted their first less expensive buy. It is very important place VALUE before COST in this incredible product. The technical differences are many, and the Kangen Water devices are proven superior in functionality, reliability, quality, workmanship and reputation…Kangen Water is the Gold Standard in the market…hundreds of companies get in and out of the market and leave you no real guarantee of warranty of your products as they are no longer in business…and the Kangen economics provide total payback of purchase price to the buyer..it does not get less expensive than that. Enagic Ltd Kangen Water medical quality devices are the GOLD STANDARD of the ionized water industry for good reason. Be sure you understand why they are the only WQA approved source.

It is important for any buyer to look at the purchase of an ionizing, alkalizing, restructuring, micro-clustering, anti-oxidizing water device as a long term investment, especially if it offers all of the benefits that the Kangen Water medical quality devices provide. Because there is so much information for you to discover and know about Kangen Water and the Japanese company Enagic Ltd… here is a SUMMARY of my current RESEARCH, INFORMATION POSTS, and relevant WEBSITES for you to read about and digest at your convenience. With my research and writings I add to these lists most every day. I sincerely recommend that you take me up on my FREE SAMPLE OFFER very soon…you will be glad you did!

And there are so many wannabe’s in the market…compare them with the properties of the water provided by Kangen Water.

I attended an Enagic USA LIVE Presentation on 1.31.2015 by Brian Welch, an Independent Distributor for Enagic USA, who after seven years now has more than 3,800+ users and customers of Kangen Water and UKON tm Turmeric on his Team of Enagic believers. I was so impressed with what Brian said that I began intense research the next day for the purpose of disproving or confirming what I had heard the previous evening.  This POST is a SUMMARY of my research since 1.31.2015 and is a “an extensive catalog” of information that I have discovered. It has taken me (26+) months to develop this extensive amount of information. Fortunately I could not disprove the messages that Brian delivered and the User Testimonials in the audience. I recommend that you take one topic at a time and watch first the selected links for that category…..like “Demonstration Sites” and decide for yourself if you should learn more, give Kangen Water a “free sample” and decide for yourself.




Enagic USA Website (corporate)   www.enagic.com

Kangen Demonstration                 www.ninepointfive.com              10 min

Kangen Demonstration                 https://vimeo.com//86145003    23 min

Kangen Demo Micro-Cluster        https://vimeo.com/92165330  

Kangen Detox Video                      https://vimeo.com/157226574

Kangen Water The Restaurants Secret Sauce https://vimeo.com/156711003

Blood Analysis With Kangen Water   https://vimeo.com/158956144

Your Body Is Water                            http://dannorris.yourbodyiswater.com

 Total Reimbursement for Purchase            https://youtu.be/N4wcI2xZbqs
Pinterest – My Amazing Kangen Water     https://www.pinterest.com/dannorris4242/my-amazing-kangen-water/
 Pinterest – So What Is Kangen UKON tm Turmeric? – https://www.pinterest.com/dannorris4242/so-what-is-kangen-ukontm/


Dr. Hiromi Shinya  Top 10 GI Surgeon      https://vimeo.com/147241645

Dr. Horst Filtzer     Vascular Surgeon       https://vimeo.com/98077396

Dr. Michael Donaldson    Chiropractor     https://vimeo.com/83717898

Dr. Robert Wright   Killing Cancer, Not People                                                                                                                     https://youtu.be/hxgu5NOx7WQ

Dr. Peggy Parker  Naturopath and BioMed  https://vimeo.com/51718999

Why Kangen Water – Dr. Peggy Parker – Naturopathic Physician http://dannorrisblog.com/2017/01/kangen-water-dr-peggy-parker-naturopathic-physician/

Dr. B. J. Showman           DDS                    https://vimeo.com/71371561

What Doctors Are Saying About KW        https://vimeo.com/29937111

Dr. Tim Crowe  DVM Why Vets and Pets   https://vimeo.com/173391181

Dr. Corrine Allen  Keys To Brain Health    https://vimeo.com/96931702

By Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, M.D Director, Water Institute of Japan       http://kangen1info.com/files/Benefits_of_Alkaline_Water.pdf

Research Points To Kangen Ionized Water As Best Vehicle to Deliver Molecular Hydrogen to Body         http://dannorrisblog.com/2017/05/research-points-to-kangen-ionized-  water-as-best-vehicle-to-deliver-molecular-hydrogen-to-body/


Kangen Water        SUMMARY POST OF RESEARCH by Dan Norris        http://dannorrisblog.com/2017/01/kangen-water/

If You Knew You Would Take Action!


Is The Water You Drink Healthy Or Harmful? Costly?     http://dannorrisblog.com/2017/01//is-the-water-you-drink-healthy-or-harmful/

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Why Are So Many People Drinking Kangen Water Now?  http://dannorrisblog.com/2017/01/why-are-so-many-people-drinking-kangen-water-now/

Less Than 1% Know This – And 100% Must Have It To Live


Are You Taking The Best Care Possible Of 60-75% Of Your Body?

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So What IS Kangen Ukon™?                http://dannorrisblog.com/2017/01/so-what-is-kangen-ukon/

The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Connection


Join the 1% with a free automated marketing system!


Special Messages To The Subscribers of the “Road To Financial Independence” Blog                    http://dannorrisblog.com/2017/01/special-messages-to-the-subscribers-of-the-road-to-financial-independence-blog/


Kangen Water Testimonials!

Kangen Water – The Restaurants Secret Sauce!

Dr. Tim Crowe, DVM, explains why Vets and Pets love Kangen water

Real Kangen Water Testimonials

Experience Kangen Water

Dr. Tim Crowe, DVM, explains why Vets and Pets love Kangen water








Industry symposia – japan

Annual Meetings of Japanese Society for Functional Water and Functional Water Symposia – Japan

At the Functional Water Symposia held by the Functional Water Foundation from 1994 to 2001, alkaline ionized water was categorized together with acidic electrolytic water as “functional water”, and topics were actively discussed every year. Since 2002, the Japan Functional Water Foundation Conference has been held annually to promote research, development, and promotion of functional water. Our association has cooperated every year in running symposia as one part of our activities.

Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus
Japanese Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparutus

This link provides an overview of the alkaline ionized water industry in Japan that meets annually. This Functional Water Foundation began in 1994 for the purpose of sharing technology, setting standards and exchanging information for the industry.

The Alkaline, Ionized, Restructured, Micro-cluster, Antioxidant Water industry does not have similar interests or organizations in America. Therefore anyone interested in knowing about the benefits of these technologies and making a decision on this can read this information from the country of origin.




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Inhibitory effect of electrolyzed reduced water on tumor angiogenesis


3. Source: Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2012 Jul;121(7):431-4

Potential benefits of pH 8.8 alkaline drinking water as an adjunct in the treatment of reflux disease.



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Total Reimbursement for Purchase            https://youtu.be/N4wcI2xZbqs
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Are you ready to start your Free 7 Day Sampling of Kangen Water from my machine or that of a happy Kangen Water machine owner near you? (Not available in all geographic areas)  Fill out the form below. Your fresh Kangen Water pH 8.5 to pH 9.5 will be provided every 3 days (60-72 hours). You communicate and coordinate with the provider on location and timing. No Obligation Sampling. Try it…see how you like it! And if you decide to buy a Kangen Water machine from me ask me about my satisfaction guarantee.

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