I hope that you had a great week! Time to relax!

It is Saturday night In Orlando Florida now and time to relax for me. The last 8 days have been power packed..Last.Saturday and Sunday I attended a statewide Florida LegalShield event that featured nine exceptionally successful professionals sharing their lives and experiences.  I am in awe of the incredible talent that is attracted to this company   motivated to success by the market opportunity, business environment, products and compensation plan.

I hope that your week was as constructive as mine…exceptionally great things happened with my son, daughter and others very important to me.  My business thrived and I was very pleased to work online as well as to make many visitations with prospective members. I sincerely hope that your week was very positive and wonderful, and I appreciate you taking time to read this. I will now provide some music that hopefully you will enjoy…. Frank Sinatra is one of my all time favorites…and here he performs for a sellout crowd…

Frank Sinatra - The Main Event- Live at Madison Square Garden 1974…  

Frank Sinatra - The Main Event - Live at Madison Square Garden 1974 - COMPLETE Jorge Longoria


I hope that you enjoy. I wish you a wonderful weekend…

Dan Norris

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